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Another day, another week, why is it the older you get the faster the time seems to go? I heard my granddaughter talking about her Christmas list, we are not even half way through the year yet. Mind you the weather still feels like its winter here, rain and gales predicted for the rest of the week. I had a lovely letter this morning from Izzy so I will have to reply to that this week, she wrote it with her new fountain pen that I got for her. Made me remember school as we had to use fountain pens in secondary school, I do not think they do that these days which is a shame but I guess a lot is completed on computers now.

I saw a post on my FaceBook this morning about a writing course holiday in Wales, it looks very interesting. You can do two courses and then lectures in the evening with a site seeing afternoon. All your food is included, I think I will enquire about it and see if there are places left. Hopefully by the end of July the weather will be better for seeing the sites of Wales.

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I have had some ideas for some short stories today so I need to get them written down before I go to sleep or they will be lost in the recesses of my brain. Xx


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I am so honored to have been nominated by http://khmazzola124.wordpress.com for my second The Liebster Blog Award This is truly amazing!!

Here are the rules I am to follow:
1. Accept the award, post the picture of the Liebster Award on the top of your post and say who nominated you for the award and list their blog site.
2. List 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers for the Liebster Award and list their blog sites.
4. Notify the bloggers of their award.
5.Ask the award winners 11 questions to answer when they accept their Liebster Award.
6. Answer the questions left for you by the blogger who gave you the award.

Random Facts:
1. I read the Tarot cards.
2. I like cider.
3. I love the colour pink.
4. I have lots of shoes.
5. Coffee cake is delicious.
6. My bar in Spain was called Izzys.
7. I have swam with dolphins.
8. I like Greece.
9. like watching F1.
10. Would rather go out for dinner than cook.
11. I have had my appendix out.

I would like to nominate these blogs for the Liebster Blog Award:
1. http://comingeast.com/
2. http://littlemisschocchoc.wordpress.com/
3. http://writingtime.typepad.com/
4. http://johnsblogs.com/
5. http://www.livingromcom.typepad.com/
6. http://lipstickandplaydates.wordpress.com/

My questions to answer:
1.Where do you find the inspiration for most of your posts?
Life in general and family.
2.What is your favourite day of the week and why?
Have to be Friday, the start of the weekend.
3.When was the last time that you were completely content with yourself?
I am content now.
4.What is your favourite thing about writing?
Hearing how people liked reading what I have written.
5.Do you have a specific way you prefer to edit your work?
No, I just keep reading it, then leave it and come back t it again.
6.What is your favourite movie line of all time?
“I have been watching you from across the room” I suggest you go back there then”
7.What is your favourite memory from high school?
8.When was the last time you stood up for something you believed in?
I support a lot of causes but really dislike cruelty to animals and domestic violence.
9.Have you ever been cheated on?
10.What is your least favourite thing to talk about?
My previous partner.
11.What is your favourite thing about yourself?
I am a nice person and will help you if I can.

I am going to give my nominees the same questions.
1.Where do you find the inspiration for most of your posts?
2.What is your favourite day of the week and why?
3.When was the last time that you were completely content with yourself?
4.What is your favourite thing about writing?
5.Do you have a specific way you prefer to edit your work?
6.What is your favourite movie line of all time?
7.What is your favourite memory from high school?
8.When was the last time you stood up for something you believed in?
9.Have you ever been cheated on?
10.What is your least favourite thing to talk about?
11.What is your favourite thing about yourself?



Ten minute play



Starbucks coffee house, situated in a busy town centre, on a Saturday afternoon.  Crowded with a group of teenagers, couples and families.  Noisy atmosphere and very hard to find seats.  Two work colleagues enter the café.



Man: 40 (Mike) 

Woman: 40 (Alison)

Teenage girl:  (Louise)


Man:  Do you want a cappuccino? 

Woman:  No, I always have a latte, you always forget what I like.  (Exasperated sigh)

Man: (Leans in close, hand on her back) It is very crowded in here, are you sure you don’t want to go somewhere else?

Woman:  We are just having a coffee, I really need a sit down and we have to discuss this proposal for work and where we are going to meet later. (Enquiring voice) I do hope your wife does not change her mind and decide to go with you.

Man:  Ok, I guess it gets it out the way and then we can enjoy ourselves at the company party.(Happy voice) Do not worry, she never goes out.  (He looks at her and grins)

(The assistant gives them their order)

Woman:  There is a seat over there.  (Pointing)

(They both walk over and sit down)

Man:  Before we start on the boring work proposal, (He whispers in her ear) what are you wearing tonight?

Woman:  I thought I would wear that short red dress that you like so much, I have bought some new shoes and (she leans in and whispers in his ear) suspenders.

Man:  mmm that sounds very nice, looking forward to it. (He looks at her and smiles) I do like a nice evening out with a bit of dancing and our company certainly know how to throw a good evening. 

(Teenager turns round in her seat as she had her back to him)

Teenager: (Excited voice) Hi Dad, is that why Mum bought a new dress, it’s your annual work dinner.  We was ages in shops this morning looking for new dress and shoes, she is really looking forward to it. (Teenager whispers to Dad) She even got new underwear, wink wink!

The man’s expression goes from guilt to puzzlement to angry.



Character Synopsis



Man: he is 40 years old, married with a teenage daughter.  He lives in a semi-detached house with front and back garden which he keeps very neat and tidy.  He is bored with his life and feels he missed out when he was younger as he met his wife in collage and has been with her ever since.  He cannot cook and has no wish to learn he likes dancing but his wife does not.  He feels like they have nothing in common but would never leave her as it’s not what you do and he does love his teenage daughter and enjoys taking her to concerts and sporting events. 

He has worked for this company as a manager in the new business department for about 15 years, he worked himself up to this level and likes it a lot as it gives him the freedom to go out and get new business and therefore to travel a lot and see new places which he loves.   He met his assistant when she started for the firm a years ago, he liked her from the start and they got on well, rather too well and for the last year he has been having an affair with her.  This has been easy as he goes away for work quit often and she goes with him. 

He loves coffee and is always going to different coffee houses and trying new tastes.  His favourite food has now become Indian which he eats when away as his wife does not like it.


Woman: she is 45 years old and divorced twice, her first husband she married far too young and it only lasted a couple of years.  Her second husband she loved more than anything and he has been dead for 3 years.  She started work for the company about a year ago, just to get her out of the house.  She enjoys working and gets on well with her co-worker, she likes him a lot as he is fun and during one of their trips away thy started to feel different about one another and started the affair.  She does not love him but he makes her feel better about herself and they laugh, which is what she needs as she is so sad inside and misses her husband so much.  She likes the fact that her co-worker is happily married so does not feel guilty as she doe sot want to take him away from his wife, she is just giving him what his wife cannot, a good time dancing and fun.

She likes all spicy food as she lived abroad for a few years and loves a cold beer.


Teenager: loves going out with her dad, has a great relationship with him.  Doing well at school and has lots of friend’s.  Does a lot of cooking with her Mum.  Typical teenager loves music and plays it loud in the car with dad, loves going to concerts with her dad.  No boyfriend as does not really like boys yet.


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When I started work the children were at school so I became a classroom assistant at the Infants school, working there until the girls had left school and then went on to work in a collage. I found that very rewarding so went and did my teaching qualifications and became a lecturer, which turned out to be in workplace development. I travelled all over the South East with the laptops training employees in basic skills and computer qualifications, very long hours, lots of travelling and then marking and preparing work for next day. I enjoyed it at the time and met a lot of people, some became friends and still are today.

My daughter had a very demanding job at Gatwick airport in security, very un-social hours but she enjoyed it. Her daughter was at school and she was home everyday to pick her up so it worked well for them at the time.

The eldest daughter got married and had four children, she has loved being able to stay at home, supporting the children in all their hobbies, clubs and being able to go to all the school events.

It has ALL CHANGED my daughter left her job at Gatwick airport, packed up everything and flew out to Australia to see her father for six months. When she returned she stayed with me for a while until she got sorted, I did miss them both so much and was pleased to see them. Then jade had a little sister called Mia, she is over a year old now and a lovely baby.

Both daughters went back to collage together last September and did the Classroom Assistant qualification, which they both enjoyed, helping out at the children’s school for their training. They have both completed the course and did well. The school then advertised for a classroom assistant to start in September, Jodie applied, had the interview and was told that day that she had the job. So, after almost sixteen years of raising her children she is now going back to work in the same job that I started out doing and she couldn’t be happier. Congratulations Jodie. My other daughter has just found out she is pregnant and is very pleased, the age gap between Mia and the baby will only be 19 months so it is going to be hard work. Congratulations Billie.

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As for me, I have the time to do my writing and hopefully get my book published when I finish it. I am on-call for when any of the children are poorly after September so I will be Nurse Nanny! Lol. Then at the end of November when the baby is due I will be on hand to help them as my daughter will be out of action for a while because she has to have a Caesarian.

We all live within walking distance of each other and the older children often drop in to see me on their way home from school. Times might change, jobs might change but we will always be family xx

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I love looking through the images on Google from years ago, you think you have forgotten but then a picture can stir up memories buried deep in the recesses of your brain. I always find it amazing that just one small picture will make you remember a whole day or even an event in your life that happened when you were a child. We forget how much things have changed as it happens day to day without us even noticing. Were things better back then or does our memory play tricks on us and only remember the really good things or even the really bad things? How far can you remember back, I have asked some people that question and it seems to be that there was some event in childhood that can be thought about easily and very vivid but then nothing before that. This is true for myself as I had my appendix removed when I was seven years old, I can tell you every detail of that day and my week in hospital and the holiday afterwards so I could recover at the seaside. But nothing at all before that happened, is that because an event whether it happy or traumatic seems to erase memories from before, or can our brains only store a certain amount of history? How much can our brains hold, is there a limit?

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I never did really get the hang of this but maybe that was because I was pretty hopeless at drawing anything.

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I loved making the different patterns with a change of pen colour.

Can you remember when you went to the seaside and there was always donkeys on the sand that you could a ride on? You do not see that very often now.

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I can remember receiving these Green Shield Stamps from shops and garages I think, I used to love looking through the book and deciding what my Nan and Grandad were going to get, sometimes there were so many books that you filled to get a good gift.

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I think I have given you a few memories there, what are your best bits from your childhood? Are any of your memories the same as children of today, do we all remember the same sort of things? When ever I start remembering things from long ago I always want to find a time travel machine and go back there, some things were so much better then, that is the good memories coming back.

Have fun remembering xx