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When I started work the children were at school so I became a classroom assistant at the Infants school, working there until the girls had left school and then went on to work in a collage. I found that very rewarding so went and did my teaching qualifications and became a lecturer, which turned out to be in workplace development. I travelled all over the South East with the laptops training employees in basic skills and computer qualifications, very long hours, lots of travelling and then marking and preparing work for next day. I enjoyed it at the time and met a lot of people, some became friends and still are today.

My daughter had a very demanding job at Gatwick airport in security, very un-social hours but she enjoyed it. Her daughter was at school and she was home everyday to pick her up so it worked well for them at the time.

The eldest daughter got married and had four children, she has loved being able to stay at home, supporting the children in all their hobbies, clubs and being able to go to all the school events.

It has ALL CHANGED my daughter left her job at Gatwick airport, packed up everything and flew out to Australia to see her father for six months. When she returned she stayed with me for a while until she got sorted, I did miss them both so much and was pleased to see them. Then jade had a little sister called Mia, she is over a year old now and a lovely baby.

Both daughters went back to collage together last September and did the Classroom Assistant qualification, which they both enjoyed, helping out at the children’s school for their training. They have both completed the course and did well. The school then advertised for a classroom assistant to start in September, Jodie applied, had the interview and was told that day that she had the job. So, after almost sixteen years of raising her children she is now going back to work in the same job that I started out doing and she couldn’t be happier. Congratulations Jodie. My other daughter has just found out she is pregnant and is very pleased, the age gap between Mia and the baby will only be 19 months so it is going to be hard work. Congratulations Billie.

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As for me, I have the time to do my writing and hopefully get my book published when I finish it. I am on-call for when any of the children are poorly after September so I will be Nurse Nanny! Lol. Then at the end of November when the baby is due I will be on hand to help them as my daughter will be out of action for a while because she has to have a Caesarian.

We all live within walking distance of each other and the older children often drop in to see me on their way home from school. Times might change, jobs might change but we will always be family xx

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I love looking through the images on Google from years ago, you think you have forgotten but then a picture can stir up memories buried deep in the recesses of your brain. I always find it amazing that just one small picture will make you remember a whole day or even an event in your life that happened when you were a child. We forget how much things have changed as it happens day to day without us even noticing. Were things better back then or does our memory play tricks on us and only remember the really good things or even the really bad things? How far can you remember back, I have asked some people that question and it seems to be that there was some event in childhood that can be thought about easily and very vivid but then nothing before that. This is true for myself as I had my appendix removed when I was seven years old, I can tell you every detail of that day and my week in hospital and the holiday afterwards so I could recover at the seaside. But nothing at all before that happened, is that because an event whether it happy or traumatic seems to erase memories from before, or can our brains only store a certain amount of history? How much can our brains hold, is there a limit?

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I never did really get the hang of this but maybe that was because I was pretty hopeless at drawing anything.

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I loved making the different patterns with a change of pen colour.

Can you remember when you went to the seaside and there was always donkeys on the sand that you could a ride on? You do not see that very often now.

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I can remember receiving these Green Shield Stamps from shops and garages I think, I used to love looking through the book and deciding what my Nan and Grandad were going to get, sometimes there were so many books that you filled to get a good gift.

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I think I have given you a few memories there, what are your best bits from your childhood? Are any of your memories the same as children of today, do we all remember the same sort of things? When ever I start remembering things from long ago I always want to find a time travel machine and go back there, some things were so much better then, that is the good memories coming back.

Have fun remembering xx


Today is my granddaughter Izzy’s tenth birthday, where do the years go? Childhood seems to be over so quick nowadays, they cannot wait to grow up. Izzy wanted a video camera so she can make a video diary……that will be good to watch in a few years time. I think she will be starting her own blog pretty soon as she loves writing stories in fact she has written a piece for my blog so I will get it and put on here this week.

I have been walking about like a cripple today, I did not think I had done too much gardening yesterday as sat down quiet a bit between doing jobs. My back obviously did not think so as it has been hurting a lot all day, just hope I can get up in the morning for the Creative Writing Class as I do not want to miss that. I need to put my ten minute play on here so you can all have a read, I can feel a list coming on as I have also received two more blogging awards so will have to sit and answer all the questions and think up new ones for those people that I nominate.

My daughter had some good news today so I would like to say congratulations to her as she so deserves it. I had a free sample of cocoa butter in a magazine so thought I would try it tonight, I was expecting cream so it was a surprise when oil came out and then it went everywhere so now all I can smell is chocolate, still I guess it is better to smell like it than eat it! Lol

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What a lovely day it’s been, I have spent all day in the garden doing a bit of work and a lot of sitting down. You cannot work too hard on a bank holiday! I have planted lots of flowers and I have planted my vegetables in pots with copper tape round them this year so hopefully the slugs will……..go away I think is the polite term. Cleaned my little greenhouse out so that looks better, I am going to get some sticky back plastic we used to call it, you can get it in hardware shops. I am going to cover some of my pots, big and small so they look a bit prettier in the greenhouse or dotted round the garden. I think I will get some little tubs of paint and get the grandchildren to paint some too as it will brighten up dull brown or black pots. I have a couple of old tyres that I have sprayed pink and going to put Lavender in one and I thought Lilly of The Valley in the other one. All my herbs are by the door so easy to get at all year. I think I will get some purple pansies in the week as I only seem to have one pot of those and they look nice and cheerful.

I saw this picture in my gardening magazine and just had to put on here! What a lovely plant.

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Lets hope the sun keeps shining all week, mind you I am pretty tired after being out side all day. I cannot wait until I have got a couple of the big jobs I want done out there as then it will be on the way to looking really nice. Hope you all had a good Bank Holiday Weekend, what was your best bit of the weekend?


Alfie turned five today and told everybody he had grown, as he was now five. He does come out with some funny things at times. He was helping me to plant seeds a while ago and I said to him “have you got plants in the greenhouse at school?” He replied “we have a blue house in the playground”

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He has had a lovely day, keeping very fit with all the bouncing and he has his party tomorrow to look forward to as it’s at one of those big ball parks. Then Tuesday it is his sisters birthday so I will see her after school, this is a busy month for birthdays in our family.

I have sorted my plants and seeds so will be doing some gardening tomorrow as it is supposed to be very nice, so I think a sit in the garden with a book or even doing some writing in the sun will be in order.

Do not forget the sun cream tomorrow folks, that feels good to say that lol x

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