I have always thought my cat was very clever and special as she comes in to me every morning and taps me to wake me up, very good if I have forgotten to set alarm.

20130213-051134 PM.jpg

But no, I find out today on Facebook it’s nothing special a lot of cats do it 😔

She does however play fetch the ball with me! Honest, I will do a video. She will be special!


At least it only happens once a year, only trouble is once we have eaten them we then have to diet for three days. I have solved the problem this year, they say fruit is good for you and healthy so I had strawberry’s with the pancakes…..ok, yes I did have a bit of clotted cream. No excuses I’m weak I admit it. I will do an hour on the exercise bike for the next three days, honest I will!

20130212-095929 PM.jpg

See what I mean, you couldn’t say no to that could you? Well that’s it over for another year, only trouble is we are now fat and got to paint the kitchen ceiling because our tossing of the pancakes was not up to scratch.

Happy Pancake Day x


Will this push me to accomplish or just put a spanner in the works and put me off! Have to carry on now and further blogs will let you know the result, I am sure!

1. Write something every day. Starting with a nice easy one.

2. Enter at least 6 competitions this year. Very, very brave but I can at least try.

3. Finish novel this year! Not sure about this one.

4. Send off at least 5 short stories in the next few months. Notice no time scale on this one, I am being nice to myself.

5. Buy a camper and travel round Italy for 6 months, eating, drinking red wine and writing. Would love to do this now!

6. Remember to Tweet, Face Book and Blog more every day. Need more time to read all the blogs I love to follow.

7. Have enough money to drink Champagne instead of wine.

8. Find a way to eat chocolate and not ask if my bum looks big now!

9. Spoil my grandchildren.

10. Develop a way to stop slugs eating my vegetables. That’s if all my veg grow this year, if not I will just say that the slugs ate everything! Thought…..find time to grow the vegetables!

11. Throw a massive party and invite everybody I know and tell them “My book has been published”

12. Was going to say, find my soul mate get married and live happily ever after……..think that’s a dream.

20130211-095634 PM.jpg

I have realised I am not getting on as well as what I was expecting, so I have to do better. Must write more everyday or maybe spend two days a week just writing. The garden is going to need doing soon, I feel stress coming on. Must get my vegetables in so I have something to eat in summer, mmmmm dreaming of fresh picked strawberry’s now.

There is also one more thing to go on my list and that is to open a nice friendly book shop/coffee shop with big comfy sofas and do things like childrens story time, homework club and theme day’s so they get to love books.

The adult’s could have a book club or even a writing club, so many ideas. Just need to win the lottery now to buy the shop!

Happy dreaming x


Chinese New Year

No cooking tonight, I can spend the time doing some writing but all I keep thinking about is shall I have number 24 or 43 tonight! I love Chinese but why do we always have the same, why can’t we just get things we never have? Will we like them? If not, then what do we do with it and the big problem then is what do we eat tonight?

I wonder how much money we all spend on take away food in a year? It’s so easy now and let’s face it sometimes better than your own cooking. I have often wondered if I won the lottery and could have take out food every day, would I? How long would it take you to get fed up with eating it or as there is so much variety would you just carry on. If I win the lottery I will tell you!

Thinking about food, buying food, cooking food, eating food, washing up after the food. Our lives revolve around it but school children are not taught how to cook, budget, put together menu’s. Is that wrong or should it just be left to the parents? But then we are not taught how to parent. What do you think, should we just hope that parents can teach these skills or should they be incorporated into the school curriculum?

I am now of to get my Chinese and a free calendar, 24 or 43? Defiantly 43 it’s what I always have and it’s delicious.


When you start out on your journey to find a life partner your so optimistic and full of dreams, so certain you are going to find your soul mate. Now your over 50 a Mum, Nan and friend to many but no soul mate. Did you miss him, was he the one you said no to when you went out with the biker in those tight leathers. Or the one that just wanted you to go fishing, never have liked fish alive or dead.

Well you will never know but when do you stop trying? Do you look for men your own age, they do seem to look old and well, a bit boring! What about a younger man, a toy boy? How young do you go and will they be interested in you. why does life get so complicated, daughters telling you, go for someone your own age, someone sensible. To me that means boring, pipe and slippers. Not that there is anything wrong with those things if that’s what you want.

Dating sites, that must be the way forward. Which one do you choose, do you know how many there are! Pick the one that sounds right to you, fill in the forms and away you go. Have to upload a picture when You get time, can’t use any of the old ones. Best go get hair done then do picture. PING! Message waiting. You have a message from Sexy Kent Man, what a name and no picture, does this mean the picture would put you off even reading any mail, he’s got no teeth or hair? Right, read message and decide then, if your going to reply. What sexual position is your favourite? How nosey and what a cheek, no hello or anything. Do you reply and what do you say? Any so long as your not in them!

No one said this was going to be easy but they also never told you life would get this complicated. Got a plan, arrange to go to the pub with couple of best friends, will have to fill them in on whats happening but all should be fine. Arrange to meet four lovely men of various ages in the pub during the afternoon your their with best friends. They will not let you down or leave you on your own with boring, ugly, bad teeth man. Have couple large glasses of wine to settle your nerves, have picked local wine bar so we all casually chatting with Kate behind the bar, two best friends cannot stop themselves from telling Kate what the plan is. It’s time for first date, everyone looks to the door every time someone comes in, what does he look like? Good question, I have left all the nice neat printed out sheets in polly pockets indoors. How am I going to remember who they are, Kate pops up with, just wait and see if anyone comes over to talk to you.

First male comes over and talks to all of us but slides over next to lynda, (one of best friends) and next thing they are sitting in the lovers corner laughing as if they have known one another years.

Second male, looks hot I take a closer look and he turns round and catches me, face is burning like a bubbling pan. He smiles, those teeth so lovely can they be that bright and real? He asks if this is the only wine bar here, we both chorus yes (me and one friend left) as my thoughts are jumping to, should I ask him home, have I made the bed is there a bottle of wine left from our girls night last week? He then turns round as a woman walks in the door and smiles and calls her over and gives her her drink.

Still waiting for second male or third male, not that I can remember what either looks like. Male comes in and strides over to us and asks our names, good start, must be ours. Over drinks we discuss various subjects and time passes quickly, two hours later, feeling very groggy after far too many wines but he is very entertaining and keeps us laughing until he says, this is great I wasn’t expecting two of you shall we go to yours or mine!

Eating chips, trying to soak up wine. Kate finishes her shift and offers to drive us home, what a welcome escape.

Groggy with mouth like paper shavings stagger to the computer next morning. Email flashing, NO SHOW. Confused I start reading…..Was so looking forward to meeting you for a drink and maybe a nice meal, was even hoping for walk along the beach. Met my best friends sister back from university in the pub, we are going out again tonight, all turns out good in the end! My mouth is now so wide my lips are dry, his picture is the most gorgeous man I have ever seen!