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How much do we rely on technology? Do we realise how much or just use everything automatically and it is not until something goes wrong that we then feel lost and realise exactly how much we use it and want it. Does it rule our lives or do you set limits for Internet usage? If you have always had it, how does it feel to have it taken away? Everything in our lives has some connection to the Internet, could we go back to how we did it before? Would we want to? I guess everything moves forwards and develops and we just forget how it was before as now it’s quicker and easier. I was without a phone for a day and felt like my right arm had been cut off lol. It was not only the phone and not being able to get in touch with people but I went to use a map and that’s on my phone and then I wanted to call someone but did not know any numbers as they are all in my phone. I missed my eBay bargain and don’t get me started about FaceBook and Twitter, could I do without it? No, I live my life by the Internet as blogging and keeping up to date with books and my writing is what I do everyday.

On a good note at least the sun is still shining!



The colours are bright,

Picking ones that look just right.

Nurturing, watering and caring,

Is that a shoot bursting through?

More and more, watching still,

Too big they grow.

Too homes they go,

Except the lazy one,

That did not want to grow,

I take it inside,

Caring and feeding,

One day I am surprised,

Is that a bud I am seeing?

I watch and wait,

The pink unfolds and waits,

For me to see the wonderful; flower it makes.

20130711-091303 PM.jpg


Today the cat is 3 years old or in cat years it is her 21st. She has been laying outside all day taking it easy, was not happy with the brushing I gave her. Gourmet dinner was served but all it got was a sniff, maybe she will eat later. I was sitting writing last night and she got right behind the laptop, she makes it quiet obvious when she thinks I should stop and take some notice of her!

20130709-094435 PM.jpg
In case you missed the posts of a couple of weeks ago, my daughter Jodie and husband Darren went to Antigua for her best friends wedding and I looked after the children. Today I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her friend Katie and Liam the new husband, they wanted to thank me as the wedding would never of happened if Jodie could not of got away. How lovely, it is amazing how a thank you can make you feel so good and not old and useless. Their wedding reception is in two weeks and we are all going to that so hopefully will get someone to take a picture of all of us.

20130709-095053 PM.jpg
I am going to read one of my stories a final time in the morning and then send it off. I have also written the 100 word synopsis, that is not very many words at all so hope it is all ok. Then tomorrow I can edit another 2 stories and find a competition to send them of too.
I tried writing on my laptop this morning out in the garden but that was useless with the sun blazing down on it. I am having to re-think how I am going to do my writing when I go to Corfu for 2 weeks the middle of September. Maybe write in a note book and just take my iPad then maybe I could copy it all up each evening, will have to think about that one.


I feel very honored accepting these awards and would like to thank my fellow blogger Michael at   http://justmikemon.wordpress.com       Also all my fellow bloggers, fans and friends of Nanny Cool as without you all, there would be no reason to keep writing.

Three awards in one - ninth award

I would like to nominate http://carlarenee45.wordpress.com for this award as they always have good comments so therefore starting a conversation.


With this award I have to list words or phrases about myself or blog from every letter in the alphabet.  I would like to pass this award on to http://countingducks.wordpress.com again we chat in comments and you should go and read their blog.

A  Awesome blog lol

B  Bags, you can never have too many

C  Cool that’s me!

D  Diary 

E  Escape in the stories

F  Free reading

G  Good friends and family

H  Happy Nanny

I  Incredible, ha ha that’s me!

J  Job for life, writing

K  Karen

L  Love

M  Mum

N  Nanny

O  Olives, love them

P  Presents, I would like more, please

Q  Queen, wonder what she would think of my blog?

R  Reading

S  Stories

T  Time now for writing

U  Umbrella, in case of rain lol

V  Vision

W  Writing

X  Xxxx kissing

Y  Your friends

Z  Zzzz sleeping


I would like to award this one to http://jadereyner.com Your posts are so different and you have taken the time to encourage me in my writing, you are a very special lady x


I think this lady deserves this award and I encourage people to read her blog. http://teenmombloggers.com/


You have read my blog for a while, you always are so happy in your comments so you deserve this award.  http://mythoughtsonapage.com/


I have to give you 7 interesting facts about myself!  Not sure they are that interesting

1. My bar I had in Spain was called Izzys.

2. I have duel nationality with Australia/UK

3. I have an extra rib one side.

4. My first job was a dental nurse.

5. My last job will be a writer.

6. I am ambidextrous.

7. I am easily upset.

This one I would like to award to http://misscookingqueen.wordpress.com as she has so many ideas for lots of different recipes that will keep us in cakes for years.

wonderful-readership-award - headWonderful Team Member Award

This great sunshine is awarded to http://carlarenee45.wordpress.com/ I love your comments and appreciate your support.

This award goes to http://misspinkprincess10.wordpress.com  I am sure you will have many good moments with your blogging.

That is just about it, thank goodness I can hear you saying.  Enjoy and if I did not mention you then I will try to next time. x


What a super Sunday in the sun, I spent a very leisurely day reading and writing in the garden. I was looking at one of my pots of plants on the table trying to remember what I had planted in there but I think I may of planted wrong ones as these look very much like carrots! Lol

20130707-092500 PM.jpg
What do you think? Will they still grow if I plant them in a bigger pot now? Picked some more strawberries so I have had a good crop of them this year, I have had them up on a table though so no slugs can get near them. It is such a shame and a bit heartbreaking after you have grown plants and they destroy everything they can.

My two daughters both go camping during the summer holidays but Jodie is getting a bit inpatient so they had bacon sandwiches cooked on the camping grill in the garden this morning!
I love the way one of their cats is hiding out under the chair.

20130707-093726 PM.jpg
My cat Peaches has been laying in the shade today, I gave her a brush but she was not very impressed with that, you would think cats would like being brushed as they are such clean creatures.

20130707-093939 PM.jpg
I am going to have to do some jobs and writing tomorrow before I go out in the sunshine as I am a bit behind on my targets. I have also been awarded about six awards for the blog so I need to get those written up and pictures on blog. Such a lovely feeling when you are rewarded for what you do it is good to receive these I think, I know everybody does not feel like that and I can understand that it is time consuming writing up the questions and answers. Lets hope it all goes to plan when I upload the pictures as it took me a while first time, in fact that is the only thing that has been easier with the new Windows 8 lol
I wonder how many people will take a sick day tomorrow to enjoy more lovely sunshine?