We all can see the resemblances that family members have, some I find are very noticeable but others I fail to see myself. When someone says ow yes, she has his eyes…..I am thinking, really, I am not seeing that. Lol

What about traits or habits are they hereditary or do they just copy the other person. I was amazed when I saw this next photo, it is of two of my grandchildren. They are sisters but there is a ten year age gap between them, it was just a coincidence that they were photographed at the same age. They do the same things with their hands and fingers. They also look just the same as their Mum did when she was little. Lovely pictures.

20130624-101923 PM.jpg

I have had a lovely day today doing some editing and realised I have about five stories that are just about finished and I just went through them and put the number of words on them as I wanted to send some off to competitions. Not that easy, I have got either the wrong amount of words or wrong content! How exasperating is that, now what do I do? Change them or just leave them and start writing some more or just get on with my novel, I do like to have something else on the go though.

It is the last Creative Writing on Wednesday I am really going to miss it as I have learnt a lot and it is so nice to share your writing. It will start again in October so that’s good, I will be booking that up. Tomorrow is a writing day so I will go with what ever story I wake up thinking about.

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Well today is the biggest moon but we will not see it here as there is far too much cloud cover! That is the British weather for you, ruins everything.

I am back home, been relaxing most of the day, then this evening Billie dropped the baby round as she had to go to the hospital to get antibiotics so I was babysitting once more. All ok now and she has gone home, the lounge looks like a tornado went through it! Lol

Jodie and Darren arrived back this morning and woke their children up, was lovely seeing their faces. This picture makes it all worthwhile as I think it is so lovely. No more holidays for a few years though lol

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20130622-104621 PM.jpg

I was hoping to have a lovely Saturday down on the front at the Fish Festival but the weather put paid to that idea as it is raining and force 8 gales predicted. So we have been stuck indoors but on the good side the house is lovely and clean for the return of the parents in the morning.

I have enjoyed looking after my four grandchildren but must admit I will be so pleased to go home tomorrow morning, I will be recuperating the next few days. Lol

The children have been very good and do not appear to of missed their Mum and Dad at all so that is good as it would of been awful having upset children all week. Izzy is still having drops in her ear but it is not as sore. All in all a good but extremely long week!

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Looking forward to a glass of something tomorrow x


Well I can honestly say, “Thank god it’s Friday.” It has been a long week, even though I love looking after them, doing everything is very hard when you get a bit older! George has stayed at his friends tonight so that’s one less lol. Still doing the drops for Izzy. Alfie the little one has been so good and read his reading book lovely today, not mentioned his Mum or Dad at all lol I am afraid this is going to be a short post tonight as my bed is calling. X

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Best to be safe with your pictures, try to take your own, is the safest way.