I have always wondered about his and I may be a bit ignorant as I do not know a lot about the fashion world so I will apologise now if I upset anyone in the fashion world. We all see the pictures of models in the magazines some do show what you can buy in the high street, not that they are in the high street any more it’s all big shopping centres. The more expensive magazine you buy the less you see of high street fashion, the models begin to wear rather strange outfits and certainly nothing that you would buy. Do the people that have more money wear more outlandish clothes? I think not as to me they seem to be smarter in their choice and buy from the higher priced market. So, why do the models wear rather strange clothes and not something you would see when out?

Then you have the big fashion weeks, I know off London and New York but sure there are many more. The models wear what will be in fashion for the next season so you can get a rough idea what will be in the shops. But why do the models again wear rather loud, vibrant and sometimes rather strange outfits that you cannot imagine anyone wearing? When they leave the show they appear to be back in their jeans and tops to go home. Who does wear these clothes that the designers think are so wonderful and do get extreme praise for? Is it just for their little community when they have parties?

Who are the designers aiming at when they produce these amazing outfits, yes, some are very nice but where would you go to wear it? Are we all stuck in a rut with what we wear? I have to admit there are occasionally outfits I see that I would love to wear but never go anywhere that you could wear them. I believe we have our own idea of what we like and what we think looks good on us and we just stick to that, if we get brave then we will buy a brighter colour or the skirt will become a bit shorter or longer. Do you have separate clothes that you only wear on holiday as you could never go out in shorts here even if it was the height of summer? Why do we get braver when we go away and begin to think that yes, we can wear that as no one knows us there and we may never go back there?

20131030-094441 am.jpg The designers that aim at the level just above high street seem to have it right as the clothes you get in stores such as House of Fraser are still the currant fashion but appear to be well made and richer materials. I particularly like Wallis that we get in British Home Stores here and they have a good petite selection as I am so short! My wish was always for longer legs but that’s another story.
What are you wearing today?


20131027-084929 pm.jpg
They arrived like gentle feathers
Spreading over the ground
Welcomed by new shoots

The grass sucks it up
Filling its roots
For another day

The feathers have gone
The drops are bigger
Forming puddles
For splashing and fun

The lake opens it’s heart
The rain floods in
Forcing its banks
To sink and go

Sheets and sheets
Fill the streets
Forcing you in
Or blowing you away

The rain has arrived
And stayed too long
It’s time to go
Your not wanted anymore


My granddaughter Izzy got back from her school trip that had her doing all sorts of things for the week like quad bike riding, …………….it is like she has grown up and is a little dare devil now. What a difference it makes when they are full of confidence and so happy. Last night they had their Halloween disco and she dressed up as a minion and looked great. I bet she had a long lay in this morning so she caught up on some sleep.

Half term here this week so there will be a lot of trick or treating going on. I cannot believe how much this day has grown over the years, shops are now stocking every single thing you could ever wish for to make you look extra scary on the 31st. Again commercialism has made it an expensive day with all the outfits you can buy, no white sheets now with eyes cut out. For some that was the best bit making their costumes. Not that I have been any good at that, I just have not got the vision to turn something into an outfit so for me I’m pleased the shops stock them, I just don’t like the prices especially when you just wear it for one night.

I had the root treatment completed on my tooth on Thursday and then the toothache came back on Friday so I got antibiotics again, my face has now swollen up into my eye and looks like I got a black eye coming and got headache. I feel awful and so fed up, I am supposed to be having a blood pressure monitor fitted in the morning for 24 hours! It was the first infection that sent my blood pressure up!

I have secured everything down in the garden but I do not think it is going to be as bad as what they were predicting as the wind has dropped now. In fact we have nice sunshine here at the moment……

20131027-112655 am.jpg


Lets all have a go at this x


The schools here all seem to finish for holidays on different dates, I have the older grandchildren finishing today but the younger ones not until Friday. Izzy has been away all week at a school sport holiday so looking forward to seeing her next week so I can hear all about it. In the morning it is Creative Writing, we had to develop a disagreement between the two characters so I had to use the child Annabel and her Mum. This is what I came up with.

Character disagreement

Annabel was ecstatic that she had found Nanny’s special box, she was already thinking of things she could put in it with her Nan’s buttons, that were already there. Writing a story all about it and drawing it kept her busy for the rest of the morning, she was very pleased with the drawing, thinking that it was probably her best work and she would have to take it to school to show her art teacher Mr Smith. He would like it and maybe even put it up on the class wall, she liked it when he did that, it made her feel very clever and the other kids were nice to her and would ask her all about her drawing.

Hearing her Mum call her name she went running down the stairs, she found it hard to walk anywhere but that was ‘just a kid thing’ she would always answer when she got told off. Dinner was almost done so she got the knives and forks so she could lay the table as that was her job everytime they sat down to eat. Her elder brother had to wash up so she was pleased and always thought that she had the better deal.

When they all sat down for dinner Annabel excitedly told her brother and her Daddy all about what had happened that morning and finding Nanny’s special box, she got so excited that Mum had to tell her to calm down and stop shouting and fidgeting. Her brother wanted to know what was in the box and was it something that was worth a lot of money that they could sell and all go to Disneyland in America. Annabel told him to be quiet and not to be so silly as it was all Nanny’s special buttons she had saved and some paper and that she was going to put all her special treasures in it too.

“I will be taking the box and looking after it, thank you Annabel” said Mum. What did you say Mum? Annabel just wanted to check this as her brother was still going on about it too, you will be giving the box to me after dinner and I will put it in a safe place. You have left everything in it as you found it Annabel as we do not want to lose anything I hope? At this point Annabel was feeling so upset but she would not cry, she hated when her brother made fun of her when she cried. Mum I will look after it and you know I can as I have my photograph album that is still as perfect as when I got it even though it is very old. Please Mum, I really really want it just so I can remember Nan and think about her dresses from the buttons that are in the tin. Annabel no, I will be taking the tin and putting it in a safe place, your Nan was my Mum and I would like to keep it maybe when you are a bit older I will let you look after it. Annabel new that the box was lost to her as when her Mum called her Annabel there was no changing her mind on what they were talking about.

After lunch Annabel walked up to her room, shoulders drooped over, silent tears falling down her rosy cheeks she didn’t cry until she was in her room and the door was shut then she threw herself on her bed as the sobs wracked through her body. Mum knocked on the door and came in, she gave her a hug and picked the box up checking that the buttons and letter were still in there, In fact the letter had not been opened and the relief flooded through her as she stood up and walked out of Annabel’s room and went straight into her room and shut the door.

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