People all over the world are following the latest news about the Boston bombing, how do we get our heads round this, why would someone want to hurt innocent runners who are raising money for people they care about or want to help. What possible joy could you have from watching children and adults crying as their blood is flowing over the pavement. I know I am one of many that just does not understand what the world is coming too. I feel scared for the people who have been training and looking forward to the London Marathon at the weekend, will they enjoy it now or will they be constantly watching over their shoulders too uptight and worried to enjoy the day they have trained for for the last year. It just makes you wish your life away, I will be glad when the marathon is all over and everyone is safe and home with their loved ones. My heart goes out to all the runners and their families.

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Today has been a grey day, not just because of the weather but in my heart too. I have sat reading blogs, there are so many out there and very entertaining. I am amazed how Twitter keeps you so up to date with what ever is going on round the world, I am liking the interaction with people and fellow writers. I have had some lovely comments over the last couple of months since Nanny Cool became live on social networks, it is amazing how some kind words can change your whole outlook and feelings, in a moment.

I joined Pinterest yesterday, seems a good idea and be nice to see all the things and pictures I like in one place…..sounds simple, just pin your pictures on, er no this is Nanny Cool and things do not work that easy but never fear I will persevere and I am sure I will get there in the end.

Love and ((hugs)) to everyone x


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How cool is that, I do not have to do any housework because I am a very good Nanny….I will blow my own trumpet here! Lol.

I got some very good puzzles today for Alfie as he loves dinosaurs and they are 3D and glow in the dark, he was very impressed.

I am going to sing my own praises again as I have sorted the problem with the iPad and iPhone so I am very happy today. I also found out that my friend had got my old laptop working and put a new screen on it, so I can now use that too…..I know I have a new one but I might see if there is a class for Windows 8 as it would be much better if I new what to do. I tried printing a picture last night but could not find a print button anywhere. The best bit, it only cost £30 to fix the old one! I am now going to back everything up everywhere lol. At least I have my stories back so I can get back in the flow of writing, especially as I cannot go out now as I have spent the money on new gadgets!

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I found this photo last night and thought I would share it with you, I took it in the Tower of London last week, I absolutely love stain glass windows. Some can tell a story and look magnificent, one of the houses I owned in Australia had stained glass windows round the front door, I thought it was the best bit of the house. You can get art kits and make your own small ones but I am afraid I have no patience for fiddely things like that.

I saw this picture on FaceBook today, it seems so long ago now that we said goodbye to Woolworth’s, what a great store and I can remember the bargains we all got when they were closing down.

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This post has turned into a bits and bobs post lol. I will finish on something I absolutely love, in fact it is a while since I had some so I might treat myself to some at the weekend. I hope I get lots this year from my plants but think it will be August time before I get them, they look a bit slow but at least this sun shine is helping all the plants get started.

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If you do not fancy the chocolate in them, you can always mash them up and mix with a cheap bottle of fizz, rather nice on a summers evening on the patio. Cheers everyone x


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    Awarding the people who live in the moment,
    The noble who write and capture the best in life,
    The bold who reminded us what really mattered –
    Savoring the experience of quality time.


Winners re-post this completely with their acceptance speech. This could be written or video recorded.

Winners have the privilege of awarding the next awardees! The re-post should include a NEW set of people/blogs worthy of the award, and winners notify them the great news.


What makes a good acceptance speech?
1. Gratitude. Thank the people who helped you along the way
2. Humor: Keep us entertained and smiling
3. Inspiration. Make your story touch our lives
4. Get an idea from the great acceptance speeches, compiled in
5. Display the award’s badge on your blog/website, downloadable in


First of all I would like to say a very big thank you to aim4wisdom for presenting me with this award. I love receiving the awards as it gives me the encouragement to carry on and you know that at least some people are really enjoying reading what you have written.

This blog has given me the boost to start writing and that is all due to my loyal followers. I love to read about what is going on in your lives and what you are up to, there are so many wonderful blogs out there that there are just not enough hours in the day to read as many of them as I would like too.

I am still having problems putting the award pictures on my wall but hopefully with the new laptop…..once I get to grips with operating it, I will be showing my very proud awards.

Thank you so much, aim4wisdom! Thank you, WordPress! Thank you, readers!

And finally. . . my nominees for the Best Moment Award. . . .



Cloud Lounge

reaching utopia

The 4 A.M. Writer




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This probably follows on from the picture at the end of last nights post, not that I am admitting to being stupid, maybe a bit slow at times! Lol

After talking to a friend about the bulbs in her garden and what I have planted, I realised that not as many of my bulbs had grown like hers. Over a cup of tea we chatted about what else we were planting this year, I then became aware of something…..I had been planting some of my bulbs upside down, that then got me thinking. Why do they not put any instructions on bulb packets about how to plant them? All you get is when to plant them and where, not everyone has green fingers so they need to put more information on packets.

I have to wear glasses for reading like a lot of people so it is not an uncommon thing, so why do products have such small writing on them. For instance the shampoo and conditioner, could it not have a big S and a big C on it so we know what we are using, I mean, who takes their glasses into the shower with them?

Why do bloggers and Internet sites not realise that you cannot see the writing if it is too small or close to the colour of the background. I actually tried to read one yesterday about downloading a driver for printer that had brown writing on a black background, they must have bionic eyes to read that!

What about the instructions for microwaving food products, does the writing really have to be that small that you not only need your glasses on and the strongest light bulb in but a magnifying glass as well or you have no chance of knowing how long to cook it for.

I think that is my moan over, have a pleasant Sunday evening folks. x


I called this post slow but maybe it should of been stop, it feels like I am doing everything in slow motion as I am so shattered from the last few days. Thank goodness all the grandchildren go back to school on Monday. Lol. I can have a quiet week and get some writing completed as I have lost heart a little bit after losing the 3,000 ish words I had written towards a story. I need to become focussed again and get a couple finished then see what response I get when sent off. Do all writers doubt their selves or is it just first timers? I am a glass half empty person though it is never half full. I also need to get on top of my website and get that up and running, I think I need a time plan as the days and weeks are just disappearing far too quickly.

I do not usually watch a lot of television but Saturday nights I enjoy at the moment as we have The Voice and then Britain’s Got Talent. Some of the acts that apply to these shows are amazing and even if they do not get in some are picked up by other talent agents for other shows. I think people are very brave doing that sort of thing as I could never do that myself, I get told to get off a karaoki as I am so bad. But I guess some people would not want to write a book or play, that reminds me I will do my homework tomorrow as now I can print it out, yes, that’s right I can print. I downloaded a new driver for Windows 8 on my laptop and it all works perfectly, got to admit I was very proud of myself.

If the rain carry’s on tomorrow like today I will not be going in the garden to sort that out, it has turned cold again and very miserable. I could not turn my Sky on earlier, no signal but could get guide up. I followed all Internet instructions and still it would not work, so my son in law came round to have a look at it. He unplugged it and waited 5 minutes then plugged it back in and it re booted then came on! I bet it would not of been that simple if I had tried that.

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On that note I will leave you and hopefully a more intelligent person will wake up in the morning! Lol.