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St George’s Day, how many people will actually know that it is today? Yes, if they have social media sites but apart from that I do not think many do. I said to a group of children yesterday what today was and the replies were “oh! right” “ok” and more along the same lines. The only time people buy the flags and have them hanging everywhere from their house to their cars is when the England football team are doing well and playing in a World Cup or similar. Does this mean that we are not patriotic? No, I do not think so, most of us like the royal family and all things British. I just think we maybe think about the day if we remember but it is just a day, like any other day and we all have to go to work. Maybe if it was a holiday we would celebrate it, I am sure everyone would vote for a holiday and enjoy it.


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What a nice start to the week, the sun has made an appearance and is set to stay all week, still a bit of a breeze but we will not complain. I have just started making this years plan of the garden so I know what I have planted where, as even though I use ice lolly sticks to write on they do fade and then I do not know whats growing where. I need to get a few more vegetables to plant as it is too late for the seeds this year as the ground is far too wet still. I think a lot of the bulbs have rotted in the wet soil as hardly any have come up this year and I bought a lot more and planted this year. I read about a very good way of getting rid of slugs and thought I would pass it on to you. Get half of an orange, lemon, lime or honeydew melon and scoop out all the inside. Place it upside down round your plants, as slugs like dark, moist places they will collect under the fruit so when you pick up the half of a skin they will be underneath so you can them dispose of them. I can imagine this working as I am always finding them underneath things in the garden. Another tip is to put sand round your plants as they cannot slither over that as it rips their belly’s open. I will be trying these things myself so will let you know if they work. I have got some copper tape that I am putting round all my pots this year too.

Did you see any of the London Marathon on TV or where you lucky enough to be there? I had two friends that ran in it and they both did much better than they expected too. Apparently it was a great atmosphere so I am pleased everybody enjoyed themselves and forgot about the horror in Boston just for a while. There were some lovely stories that came out from some of the participants and some people’s reasons for running were quite heartbreaking. All in all a good day in the sun and money raised for charity.

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What a lovely Sunday to potter about in the garden. My aim this summer is to get the garden to look nice in the winter and then when you look out the window it might cheer you up. My eldest granddaughter is here with me and we got all the stickers out and planned where we were going to put them all. So many in each packet so they were a bargain and we ended up not using all of them so they will be used on my next project. Very easy to put on, even for me lol what a difference to a water butt they make and can see this from my kitchen window.

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The dust men are going to get a surprise at least no one can take it as I will know which one is mine. What a difference a sticker makes, it makes you feel happy just looking at it.

I have fences down one side so have been collecting things to hang on there all year round. My son-in-law has got a staple gun so they are going to be securely fixed so the wind cannot get them. Also solar lights make such a difference so I have a selection of them this year.

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I am thinking about what I plant this year, choosing plants that come up every year, different coloured heathers also early and late flowering plants. I had a lovely climber last year but it died in the winter so will look into best one to get this year. I am learning a bit every year so improving on my planting. I think all the vegetables are going to be in pots this year with copper tape round them as the slugs last year destroyed everything and it is so heartbreaking.

Hope you are all having a sunny Sunday x


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My job tonight was what all Nanny’s are good at, babysitting. Tonight’s was very easy though as Mia went to bed about half hour after they had gone out. My eldest granddaughter came with me and we watched Britain’s Got Talent and then the Voice and tried to guess who would be picked, I did not do very well. The hardest job of the night was putting all the toys away so some were left for Mummy to put in right places, I can never remember what Buzz-Bee goes where lol

Kara the eldest Is staying with me for the night and we are going to do some gardening tomorrow and put the stickers on the dustbins to make them look more original, I will do pictures to show you.
I have joined the Pinterest site, what a great site and why did I never look at it before. There are so many great photos of everything and you make your own board of the things you like, I have picked so many as it is all so good. Got a few ideas for the garden and things to do with the kids in the summer. It will be good when I finish the web site as can use some ideas on there too.

I need to make a plan of my time and all what I need to do as there seems to be a lack of hours in each day to do everything I want. Some say its because I take so long to do something now! I do know that if I start reading blogs or looking at Pinterest then I can easily loose a couple of hours. I will have to get tough with myself. Best go sleep and get up early so I can start on my list of jobs.


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What a busy couple of days, I will be chilling over the weekend to recover from it all. I had a friend come to stay for a couple of days so a few laughs were had and of course lots of wine and good food. Late nights on top is all not a good combination really. It was lovely catching up on all the news though and we laughed till we cried.

My granddaughter has been in hospital so that has been a bit worrying, she came home tonight but no results as too what is wrong with her. Just hoping she gets better very quickly.

I bought some bedding plants today so I am hoping the weather will be nice at least one day over the weekend so I can get them planted.

What have you got planned for the weekend? I nearly forgot that I am having my hair done tomorrow, I love a bit of pampering. Enjoy x