Having spent yesterday resting my arm and recovering from the flushed face, not a good look! But are side effects of the injection, I do seem to be in far less pain today. But I am not lifting anything and doing as I am told….very hard at times!

I had an evening out booked for tonight and had the most wonderful time. Myself and daughter took Izzy (granddaughter) to a talk from her most favourite author, the very wonderful Jacqueline Wilson. Her most famous books are Tracey Beaker which was turned into a TV series. Izzy likes the latest one Queenie as her favourite and took that with her, she has so many to choose from.

I never new that the Jackie magazine that I used to read when I was younger was named after Jacqueline Wilson, I told Izzy I had a Jackie Annual but I think I was more excited than her.

Izzy was amazed when she said that one of her favourite books as she was growing up was Anne Frank as that is Izzy’s favourite, she has read a couple of books and her diary also having watched the film so many times. Izzys next request is going to Amsterdam to see where Anne Frank used to live, so she was pleased when I said I had entered a competition and the prize was a trip for two to Amsterdam on a coach. Fingers crossed lol

After Jacqueline had spoken and answered questions they asked the people with the special tickets to go to one side as they were going to meet her and she would sign their book. I thought Izzy was going to pass out with excitement, me, I felt like crying. I love it when such little things mean so much to children and their excitement and looks on their faces, I best stop or I will cry. Lol

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I suffer a lot from arthritis and bad joint pain so as my shoulder has been very bad and disturbing sleep as it was so painful. The doctor decided to give me steroid injections and I had them this morning. I really hope they work as it is very painful now, I am trying to type one handed or without moving other shoulder. I really don’t like all the aches and pains age brings on, sometimes I really want to do stuff but just know I will be suffering the next few days if I do.

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Seeing this in the paper today did cheer me up as I thought I can be taking it easy sitting in the garden as I cannot lift, pull or push with my arm. I may have to start writing with my right hand then I won’t be tempted to move left shoulder if I type. Why is it, when you do not want to use a part of your body that you then realise how much you do use it! It would be nice to have a month of nice weather where you don’t have to keep taking stuff in from the garden and getting it out again. I know I’m a bit lazy lol. I am thinking now of all the things you can cook on the barbecue, I have a gas one so it is very easy to just lift the lid and cook. I had some lovely strawberries I picked from my garden last night, so sweet and juicy, I can’t wait to pick some more.
Then I saw this in the paper, how mad is this weather? Will it ever be normal or is this the way forward now, going from one disastrous weather condition to another all over the world.

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The following picture I think looks like a lovely place and I am so glad I live here with all my family. x

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Today is International Reggae Day
A huge festival is held in Kingston, Jamaica with non stop “Reggae” music made famous by the sounds of the great Bob Marley who also helped the spread of the Rastafarian movement. Turn up your sounds and listen to the timeless songs of “No woman No cry” and “One Love.”

There appears to be a lot of these International Days or Awareness Days, it is a shame some of them are not advertised very well. It is nice to be able to celebrate and be happy when there is so much sorrow and bad in the world these days.

Cuprinol started a “National Shed Week” seven years ago, this runs from the 1st to the 6th July. There is a ShedBlog where enthusiasts keep an eye on to see who has won the Nations Shed of the Year Award! As you can imagine there is a variety of sheds and even a tardis. This year there is also an International Shed of the Year. I find it amazing looking at the great things people design for their gardens.

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National Motivation Day this is spread by Breast Cancer Care and is intended to remind you of what inspires you….what or who motivates you.
We all need a bit of motivation at times especially when we are ill so I am all for this, lets give some inspiration to others.

As we begin another week it is good to hear that the met office say we are going to have a sunny July, wouldn’t that be good, get the barbecues out and cleaned up ready for a few sausages.


The sun is shining! It is not an illusion, I am not dreaming, I am not imagining it…….It is real!

Is that a smile I see on your face
Is that a rose you hold in your hand
Are they tears or dew
That fall to the ground

Is that a bird
I hear cheeping
A young that needs feeding
Before finding its wings
And leaving

Is that mint that you smell
Tangy and tart
Cut off at its best
Floating in your glass

Is that your cat
Laying so still
Catching the sun
Dreaming of meals

Is that the sun
Going down very still
Leaving us now
Come back soon

We need you still

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I have been thinking today about the writers holiday I am going on at the end of July, I am looking forward to it and meeting more authors. Then I thought about how many authors I am now friends with on FaceBook,Twitter and even on here. That’s a lot of authors and only a very small percentage of the amount that there are out there. I wonder how many there actually are?
I find it a very supporting group of people, I guess that’s because we are all in the same boat, just trying to write a best seller.

20130628-102404 PM.jpg
So Newport, South Wales is where it is being held, I have never been to that part of Wales before so looking forward to seeing part of it.
I think about writing, stories, plots, characters and poems where ever I am now it’s like my brain never turns off, It then gets frustrating when you cannot just get your pen or computer and just get on with it. Lol. I am now off to do some writing before I forget this character I am piecing together from about five people I know.

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I don’t want to speak to soon but I hear it may be barbecue day on Sunday! xx