First of all I had better say sorry to you all for not doing a blog yesterday, I think I have a good excuse. When I started out I thought it would be easy to write everyday about all sorts of things, I can think of lots to write about but finding the time is the hard part. I want to write so many things in short stories, entering competitions and finish my novel but just thinking about it all overwhelms me.

My eldest grandson turned 12 yesterday, one more year and we hit the terrible teenage times. I am not looking forward to that but if anything like my son it will be a lot easier than the girls. He received gadgets, clothes and money and was happy, so happy in fact we all got a nice cuddle……which I made the most of as I am sure there will not be many more lol

My daughter made his cake and is very imaginative in thinking up ideas, I am no good at that what so ever and it is amazing what you can get now to decorate tops of cakes. Even cup cakes are in a world of their own now and so big and imaginative, I just like eating them, especially the coffee flavour ones…..hands off.

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The wonderful thing about friends is that you pick them, you decide who are to be your friends. It can be for all sorts of reasons, which are just yours, no one chooses for the same reasons. Sometimes it takes us years to find a good friend, while some find them at school and go through life together and remain friends throughout all life’s up’s and down’s.

My friends are all roughly the same age as myself and we all have a lot in common, did I unconsciously pick them knowing we would be the same. We have grown up and still laugh at the same things and are completely mad when we all meet up. Never getting board or cross with each other but supporting, helping and listening constantly. It is a shame some marriages are not like that, maybe we should only marry our best friends as then we already have a strong bond to build upon.


Love to all my friends xx


MEAT OR NOT? ( or horse )

Are we eating more horse meat than we think? From reports coming in now it has been found in a lot of fast food establishments, schools and the food we buy from the supermarket! Sausages and lasagna are off the menu here, it will be a vegetarian diet for a while. Not knowing that the horse meat is in our food appears to be the problem, so if we knew it was, would we eat it? Apparently from the answers in some polls, we would, and people just want to know what they are eating. If horse meat was cheaper than other meats some would buy it because of the price, is that fair and would schools have to say they are using it as beef mince lasagne is not put on the menu it’s just lasagna.

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The high street butchers are becoming popular again as people want to know 100% what they are eating. We are now cooking it from scratch but is this not a good idea, mum, dad in the kitchen cooking, teaching the children how to chop up the vegetables and make things?

Convenient foods, dinners and take aways have become the lazy way to eat these days but is that a wrong way to teach the next generation. We are encouraging the growing of vegetables on the allotment, going to the local butcher and getting the meat is the next step.

Families in the kitchen preparing dinner together, children learning to cook, this all must be a good way forward and a healthier option.

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The morning started at 9 again so not too bad I guess, but it is Sunday and the day you never feel guilty about laying in your bed till at least 11 yes 11, I will add that I live with the cat and she is happy to wait till 11 for her food. Breakfast was a simple affair, actually very quiet, should I be worried, are they coming down with something? Hang on the chatter has started, they were too busy eating lol

After a bit of FaceTiming their Mum’s, I did note that no mention of time they went to sleep last night, must remember that in week when I see them so I don’t drop them in it. I then heard the word “bored” from their lips and then the games for the Wii were produced, must admit I do like playing the games so we started on a Game of Life and what a game it was, incase you are not familiar with it you go round a board, go to collage, get a job, buy a house, have children, buy a second house, have more children ( you can only have 4 ) you pay fines and charges and receive pay rises and investments and then you retire. Now, I should be good at this as I am older and should know what I am doing but I think the game is fixed as I always come last! I am not happy about this but the girls both said, ” it’s because your old Nan” it obviously does not help to have experience.

I declined the next game, no I was not sulking, I had to do the washing up and get dressed. They played cluedo and obviously enjoyed themselves as they were very vocal. I did have to intervene to suggest they washed, dressed and got ready as they were both being picked up at 3 o’clock. Girls not happy but it is school tomorrow and you have had a lovely week off.

They both helped to tidy up and put all there stuff away in their drawers and were ready on time. Another weekend nearly over.

Sshhhh can you hear that?

No, nor can I, peace. Must be wine o clock time, will catch up on blogs and write this. Hope your weekend was as fun as mine, thank you Izzy and Jade you were fantastic guests.

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Not a very peaceful nights sleep and I now have the cough that my two little visitors arrived with! I know it’s good to share but really, do they have to pass everything on to me! The day began with breakfast, which was about 9.30 so that was good as I do find early mornings very unsociably, I feel that 10 o’clock should be the new 8 o’clock. I really cannot understand why that is not the rule everywhere, I’m sure we would all function and work so much better.

We then spent a while deciding what to do first as their list of things to-do was a bit too long for my liking, I think I will need the week to recover. So, we settled on the cake making and they followed instructions and did it all themselves. They were delicious and did not last very long at all, at least they will not want much for lunch lol.

20130223-051640 PM.jpg
No mess in the kitchen, very tidy cooks!

After a sit down and some tv, not that I really heard any of it, as they seem to chat non stop to one another. Much the same as I do to each of their Mums, so I guess I can not really complain.
It was decided they wanted to learn how to knit, after casting on the 20 stitches they each had a turn at doing a row, which they did complete very well as we only ended up with 23 stitches and 2 little holes. For a first effort I thought they did very well, I was amazed at the amount of patience you seem to developer as a grandmother as I am sure I would not of sat there doing that with my two girls when they were young. I would of sent them to their Nan’s!

20130223-053608 PM.jpg

I am now very happy to sit and read but they had other ideas, they now think that crocheting will be easier than knitting so we should have a turn at that. It took me a while to remember how to wrap the wool round your finger and hold the hook but as they say its like riding a bike it all comes back to you. There was only one problem with this as I had never mastered doing anything more than a chain. Again, they did very well and can now both do a chain. I will leave the rest up to the parents.

20130223-054904 PM.jpg

Almost time for dinner and then it will be snuggling on the sofa and a lovely film, which I will try to stay awake for. All in all a very good day was had by all.

Wonder what we will get up to tomorrow? Check back and see folks, have a lovely evening. X



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It is half term here in UK so the children have been on holiday all week. It always seems to go so quickly and I can never fit in all I would like to do with them. This weekend I have two of the girls they are 11 and 10, we went shopping and seem to have a lot of munch, films and cake making things. It has turned very cold so we have decided we are having a weekend indoors baking, reading, watching DVD’s and playing games. They both like the blog and have asked if they both did a poem over the weekend could I put it on the blog, royalties to me! Lol

I seem to of lost the use of my laptop so I do not think there will be any writing completed this weekend, it is going to have to be notes and planning. All of which I have a lot to do of, why is it names are sometimes so hard to decide on for your stories? At the moment I have a one and two in a story as nothing is feeling right, I guess it will all fall into place eventually.

Next holidays will be Easter and that is early this year, the children have about three weeks off then so best get planning for that. Little Alfie has already asked to go to the zoo again and to have a sleepover at mine. He does make me laugh as I stayed at his house the other night as was babysitting because my daughter and husband went away for the night for their anniversary, he asked if I had my pyjamas and was I having a sleepover at his house! Lol

Have a good weekend people and be happy. See you tomorrow for updates on chilled weekend.

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How often should you blog? Is there a set figure or do you just decide yourself as to what you are happy with or even what you can think to write about. I read somewhere that some update it three times a day! I would like to have the time to do that as what with blogging, Face book and Twitter and then squeezing in some writing that’s about the day gone. Also, why is it that I can always think of loads to write about at one in the morning!

Nanny_cool has now got a website so somewhere I have to squeeze in writing that and up-dating it with even more worthy topics. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking every one of you for reading my blog and following it, I am enjoying the journey. I am amazed at the amount of blogs and the quality of the content, I could spend all day reading them and have to stop myself or I would get nothing completed.

I think I was very optimistic about my to do list when I wrote it as I am finding that hard to keep on track with. One thing I am struggling with is that once I sit down and write I tend to stay there for a few hours as you can’t stop the flow! I then get freezing feet and I mean freezing, like they do not even belong to me and then it takes forever for me to warm up. I have tried extra socks and the heating up even more so that I am about to faint but nothing works, your ideas would be welcome please.

I bought myself an iPad at Christmas, mainly because the grandchildren were all getting one and I thought I do not want to be left out. Lol. How did I ever live without it, I use it constantly and take it everywhere. I had to buy a new handbag though to fit it all in, but that’s good, you can never have too many bags. I do need to get ones in other colours though, I can feel a shopping trip coming on.

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I spent a lovely day with the 4 year old grandson at the zoo, I’m not sure what hurt most my legs from all the walking or my ears from the constant talking! It was a lovely day out in the sunshine though and hopefully Spring is round the corner.

It always make me wonder how happy the animals are in their compounds but at least the areas are so big now you sometimes have trouble finding them. The tiger cubs were looking very cute at their first press call and seemed to be loving the attention.

We spent a lot of time at the elephants or “big” as he called them when he was little as no way was he getting his mouth round elephant! This was about the 4th time we had been to the park and I am always amazed at how children can do the same things and love it like it was their first time. They are like it with films, can watch it over and over and laugh as if they have never heard it before. My little bookworm Izzy will read books that she really likes again and again! What age do we get to where we cannot do that or is it because we only just about find time to read it or watch it in the first place?

I love the time I spend with my grandchildren it’s such a different relationship from your own children and I guess it may have something to do with the fact that you can give them back, so you just get the good bit!

Time to relax now, where’s that wine!

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What a variety of cup cakes we can now buy or if we are good in the kitchen and have a bowl, flour, eggs and flavourings then even bake yourself. You can now get them any size, any flavour and just about any colour but when did they become so popular and available everywhere we go. It’s like they just crept up on us and are so delicious everyone became addicted to their favourite flavour and colour but what about the old Victoria sandwich, has it just been forgotten? They used to be made every week on a Sunday when I was a child, should I confess to eating the cream and jam side first as you always got one half with everything and then nothing on other half, why was that? Will the good old Victoria sandwich make a comeback, I hope so as there so much quicker and easier than lots of cup cakes.

I guess also it’s what you get used to, the idea of making a Pavlova now fills me with dread, all that beating the whites stiff and cutting fruit to go on it. There was a time I used to make one every Saturday and thought nothing of it, maybe that was because we lived in Australia so I never had to do the cooking at the weekend as it was a man’s job to do the barbecue. You can’t beat a good meringue though and lots of fresh cream and juicy fruit. On that note I’m off to the kitchen!

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