It has been a while since I last did a post, for this I apologise. I was not feeling well and then developed an extremely bad toothache which made my face so swollen it took two lots of antibiotics to cure it. I am feeling much better now so hoping to get back on track. I came back from the writing holiday in Wales very enthusiastic after talking to many authors who told me to get writing the book and what a brilliant idea it was. I then don’t know what happened as I lost enthusiasm and felt very self conscious about my writing, thinking it is just not good enough and if the authors I met read my blog will think that. I then had a story returned and was told to improve the structure and watch also for exposition interjected in to plot – back story and details should come out naturally. So now I am not sure how I feel, I still want to write the books so I am thinking when I have finished it to the best of my ability to then send it to a proof reader to see what they think and correct in it. I do not feel confident now and that in turn makes me feel less enthusiastic. 😞

I took Kara, Izzy and Alfie to the cinema Thursday evening to see the 3D One Direction film, we had to wear very fetching black glasses to be able to see it. I was not expecting to like it but actually found it very entertaining. I like the way they have stayed young boys having a laugh and no way has it all gone to their heads. I think they will go far as they work very hard and are always thanking their fans as they realise they would be no where without them.

20130901-040801 PM.jpg
These six week school holidays appear to have gone so fast and I have not accomplished many of the things I had planned to do. Jodie and family were away camping a lot of the time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I went and stayed with them in their tent at one of the sites and had a great time with them all. I took Jade and Izzy to Yesterday’s World in Battle and they had a fantastic time looking at everything there and seeing what the shops looked like and sold many years ago. They did a quiz as we were going round then as they got it all correct they won a question and answer book about the Battle of Hastings in 1066. We then went down into Hastings for ice cream and amusements, was lovely to still see the 2p games there so they had great fun for quiet a long time with about £4 each. Then returning all the tickets they had won for a few prizes, which they were very pleased with. Izzy stayed with me a few days and had a great time, I love having them one at a time as can just do the things that they like.

20130901-042117 PM.jpg
My eldest granddaughter Kara did her exams a year earlier and achieved an A* distinction in Science, A in catering, B in maths and C in English so the whole family were very, very pleased with her and she got an iPhone from her Mum and Dad for doing so well. Next week she returns to school in lower 6th and has to wear business type clothes like you would for work so as she received some money for doing well she went on a shopping trip for clothes particularly liking this Ralph Lauren jacket she purchased in the sale.

20130901-043128 PM.jpg
Jodie and family spent a couple of days in London seeing all the sites and had a great time. It is such a shame that everything is so expensive up there as it stops many families from enjoying our heritage.

20130901-043615 PM.jpg
20130901-044853 PM.jpg

I love this one from Madam Tussaud.
The weather has been great the last few weeks making it a very happy summer holiday for all. Now the work begins again. Jade starts secondary school next week and is very enthusiastic about that, I think it’s nice how they all go to the same school.

20130901-045322 PM.jpg
What has been your best part of the summer holidays? Send some pictures to the gallery.



I have had a few messages asking if I have stopped blogging. No, of course not, still got lots to say but I am not feeling very well. Hoping to be back with you soon. Thank you for messages it is nice to be missed xxx

20130818-074848 PM.jpg



A good title for a post about anything, but will it be interesting? I can write what I think you might like to read, that will only be correct for a small percentage of readers. Do you think about how to reach out to more bloggers or are we just satisfied with the readers we have? I am amazed at the varied posts that I read and find so many interesting, funny and well written, I guess we all have our own little percentage of readers and I am truly grateful for everyone of them for reading this blog. I can be having a very bad day but if I see I have another follower it lifts me up instantly. I do sometimes feel that my post’s are not interesting or catchy so will spend hours thinking of something else but seem to always come back to my original post.

Peaches is still following me about in case I disappear again and seems to want to sit on the very bit of paper I want to read and then sulks when I turf her off.

20130807-123713 PM.jpg
My eldest granddaughter will be 16 in December and today she has gone for her first interview for an after school, weekend job at Sports Direct. She told me that she will be at her school Academy till she is about 20 and she does not have to wear a uniform when she goes back in September but it does have to be black with a jacket so very workplace orientated. If she then goes to university she could be in education till about 25, will all these qualifications guarantee a job, no but she will at least stand a better chance than if she had none.

My daughter goes back to work in September after taking 16 years off to raise 4 children, the youngest being 5 but at least Mum will be working in the same school he goes too, so not too much of a change for him. I will then be on sick days duty so I hope they are all healthy during term time!

20130807-010114 PM.jpg
I feel the next few months are going to be a challenge for all of us, I want to get my book written but seem to have many stumbling blocks with health and family. I am not going to put myself under pressure though, if it is not completed then I will just carry on next year. I never feel it is good enough so keep writing the same bits over again, are you ever satisfied that it is correct? I am having a holiday the end of September to Greece with my friend her husband and family so I am very geared up to write lots out there in the sun with maybe a Mojhito or two.

20130807-010214 PM.jpg
I will be a grandmother again in December and then January, taking the total to 8. I do feel that is enough lol considering I was an only child they do not take after me but their Dad was one of 7. It is lovely being part of a big family and all living in the same town and what with all their cousins too there is always someone to see or things to go and do. All made even better by the wonderful weather we are having here in the south coast, my eldest grandson appears to always be down the beach in the sea with all his friends. Last week he did not want to go camping with the family, that’s when you realise they are growing up and getting minds of their own. He stayed with his cousin and had a lovely long weekend.

20130807-012020 PM.jpg
I saw my consultant about my shoulder this week and had another steroid injection, the last one did give me a bit more movement but not less pain so we are trying once again. I cannot have anymore so then it will be surgery if I go down that route, or do you just accept and live with it. I have found my body has adjusted to not using my left arm for lifting or anything, it is hard sometimes for things though.

I was amazed after coming back from the writers holiday in Wales that I had actually lost 4lb, not sure how that happened as it felt like we were always eating as it was all inclusive. Why is it so much harder to lose weight the older you get?

I am enjoying reading Penny’s book The Doll Makers and got so engrossed in it last night that I stayed reading till one o clock! No wonder I feel so tired and useless today. Have a lovely Wednesday what ever you are doing x



After having such a wonderful journey up to Wales, I did the wrong thing expecting it to be the same coming home. It did give me more time to sit and reflect on what I have learnt and all the knowledge that the wonderful people from the Writers Holiday have given me. A combination of accidents and coaches in wrong places because of traffic it caused made the wait at Victoria an hour longer. I felt so much empathy towards the coach driver that eventually came to drive us to all our destinations, it was not his fault, some people just do not think it through before they go charging in with their complaints, anger, frustration and general moaning! When everyone was on the coach he very politely informed everyone that he had given up his break and was doing overtime to take this coach out. National Express coach drivers, cool as cucumbers, well done.

Peaches the cat normally ignores me when I come home but she is full of joy to see me and staying very close so I do not disappear again.

20130803-103530 AM.jpg
These are Penny Grubb’s books and I am reading The Doll Makers at the moment, very good story as I don’t want to put it down.

Even though I had only known these people at the writers holiday a week it was still a bit emotional saying good bye, such strong friendships are formed when you all have one common desire….To see your book in print. They were all full of advice and sharing their knowledge, I wish I lived closer to some of them so stronger friendships could be formed. It really was the best week away I have had for a very long time. I have come home exhausted, like most of them but it was worth it.

I will do blog spots about some of them and their books over the next couple of weeks so you too can share their wonderful writing.

20130803-110022 AM.jpg
It is now time for me to catch up with all the grandchildren and have some relaxed fun over the weekend. x



Today is the last full day in Wales, it has gone extremely quick and the best thing I have attended in a very long time. The choir night was excellent and thoroughly enjoyed by everybody.

20130801-072033 PM.jpg
I am attending a course at the moment with Kate Walker the very popular Mills and Boon author. Very good workshop with handouts and lots of participation by us.

The sun has been shining brightly today in Wales and in some ways a shame we have been indoors but hopefully this great weather will continue next week. We have a poetry evening later tonight, which will be lovely to hear what the poets amongst us have been creating this week.

I am reading a book by Penny Grubb at the moment called The Doll Makers, I don’t want to put it down it is so good. Well done Penny, who I may add is a very lovely person.

All the authors bring a selection of their work so it can be looked at or bought which you end up doing and if anyone is like me I have more books that clothes in my suitcase to go home with. I have enough reading material for couple of months and I will tell you all about the books.

Packed morning of work tomorrow so not too late to bed and then the travel home in the afternoon. Weekend of rest and grandchildren and then it’s work, work work I have orders to get the book written!

20130801-073822 PM.jpg



20130731-011130 PM.jpg
Just an update peeps, tonight the Cwmbach Male Choir are entertaining us!! It has been said that they will join us in the bar after, I need to google their pictures! Lol Are they all single?

More to come later folks x



What an amazing day! Nanny Cool WILL be writing her book now and getting it published because now I have learnt how to publish your own books and sell them yourself even having an ISBN number.

20130730-074959 PM.jpg
Should I be telling you about this? Lol. I could start teaching people how to do it! I honestly think a very basic knowledge of computers is all you really need as you are already writing on Word or equivalent so your halfway there. The number of people publishing their own books goes up by about 2 every five minutes. How wonderful is this, they will also upload it to Amazon so people can buy it there as well.

I have met some wonderful people here and it’s only Tuesday, early night for me though as your brain never shuts off. What brain? I can hear my grandchildren saying lol.

I was talking to this lovely lady called Sarah, I think she looks like the queen.

20130730-075543 PM.jpg

Will be back tomorrow with more news xx



20130729-052940 PM.jpg
What an interesting day and its not over yet, breakfast was a very chatty affair which was followed by a course on short story writing by Sue Moorcroft What a brilliant writer, teacher, lovely person. I bought a couple of her books ‘Love & Freedom’ and ‘How to make money writing romantic fiction’ By the time I go home I will have so many books, ideas and articles to write I will not know where to start!

Lunch and then a talk in the lecture room about public speaking or it could be applied to teaching or just giving a small talk about what you do as a writer. The man next to me closed his eyes so I gave him a nudge!

Afternoon tea was followed by a brilliant talk about selling articles and how to pitch your idea. Elaine Everest was absolutely wonderful, what a lot of good ideas, I now have to go home and write about all the thoughts and ideas I have in my head. Maybe there will be payment for what I write! The people here are so helpful and full of advise for you, I am so pleased I decided to come here and the sun is shining!

20130729-061052 PM.jpg



20130728-024737 PM.jpg
How amazing to have a celebrity as well as all the writers! Basil Fawlty at his best lol

20130728-024845 PM.jpg
The organiser Gerry is doing well, not a grey hair in sight………….they have been running these weeks away for writers and this is the 29th event.
We are staying in students room, I do feel young again, where is that time machine?



First of all I will say sorry for absent posts, bit of a wobble but back on track now.

20130728-115434 AM.jpg
I saw this and thought yes, that’s what I want. So I am now looking lovely with my bit of pink, my granddaughter thought I was joking and wouldn’t get it done!


20130728-120737 PM.jpg
At nine Saturday morning I picked up the coach at Folkestone and traveled to London then it was a change over of coaches and on to Newport in Wales. Was a lovely relaxing journey and seemed to go very quickly, so good choice I made instead of train.
I am now happily booked in just like a student…wish I was! Lol. Lots of lovely people and the week looks very interesting and busy, I will try to post everyday about what I am up to and who the tutors are, as I am sure some of you will know them. There appears to be people from all over including America, so it will be good getting to know them all. The sun was shining this morning but just having a small shower, it is supposed to be brightening up later.

Tonight at 6 we have welcome drinks and then dinner, so there will be lots of chat meeting people that are arriving today.

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