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This probably follows on from the picture at the end of last nights post, not that I am admitting to being stupid, maybe a bit slow at times! Lol

After talking to a friend about the bulbs in her garden and what I have planted, I realised that not as many of my bulbs had grown like hers. Over a cup of tea we chatted about what else we were planting this year, I then became aware of something…..I had been planting some of my bulbs upside down, that then got me thinking. Why do they not put any instructions on bulb packets about how to plant them? All you get is when to plant them and where, not everyone has green fingers so they need to put more information on packets.

I have to wear glasses for reading like a lot of people so it is not an uncommon thing, so why do products have such small writing on them. For instance the shampoo and conditioner, could it not have a big S and a big C on it so we know what we are using, I mean, who takes their glasses into the shower with them?

Why do bloggers and Internet sites not realise that you cannot see the writing if it is too small or close to the colour of the background. I actually tried to read one yesterday about downloading a driver for printer that had brown writing on a black background, they must have bionic eyes to read that!

What about the instructions for microwaving food products, does the writing really have to be that small that you not only need your glasses on and the strongest light bulb in but a magnifying glass as well or you have no chance of knowing how long to cook it for.

I think that is my moan over, have a pleasant Sunday evening folks. x



I called this post slow but maybe it should of been stop, it feels like I am doing everything in slow motion as I am so shattered from the last few days. Thank goodness all the grandchildren go back to school on Monday. Lol. I can have a quiet week and get some writing completed as I have lost heart a little bit after losing the 3,000 ish words I had written towards a story. I need to become focussed again and get a couple finished then see what response I get when sent off. Do all writers doubt their selves or is it just first timers? I am a glass half empty person though it is never half full. I also need to get on top of my website and get that up and running, I think I need a time plan as the days and weeks are just disappearing far too quickly.

I do not usually watch a lot of television but Saturday nights I enjoy at the moment as we have The Voice and then Britain’s Got Talent. Some of the acts that apply to these shows are amazing and even if they do not get in some are picked up by other talent agents for other shows. I think people are very brave doing that sort of thing as I could never do that myself, I get told to get off a karaoki as I am so bad. But I guess some people would not want to write a book or play, that reminds me I will do my homework tomorrow as now I can print it out, yes, that’s right I can print. I downloaded a new driver for Windows 8 on my laptop and it all works perfectly, got to admit I was very proud of myself.

If the rain carry’s on tomorrow like today I will not be going in the garden to sort that out, it has turned cold again and very miserable. I could not turn my Sky on earlier, no signal but could get guide up. I followed all Internet instructions and still it would not work, so my son in law came round to have a look at it. He unplugged it and waited 5 minutes then plugged it back in and it re booted then came on! I bet it would not of been that simple if I had tried that.

20130413-084233 PM.jpg

On that note I will leave you and hopefully a more intelligent person will wake up in the morning! Lol.



20130412-103402 PM.jpg

What a lovely day I had yesterday with Izzy up in London, she enjoyed herself so much. I took her to the Tower of London and as we got two for the price of one entrance fee with the train ticket it was very reasonable. There is so much to see and watch there it really is amazing, the staff are lovely and tell you all about some of the things and the jewels. They act out little scenarios from history, which is so good for the children as they enjoy and learn at the same time. The vault that the queens jewels are in is amazing and security very tight but not very noticeable, the size of the stones and diamonds are a unbelievable.

20130412-111110 PM.jpg

Today one of my granddaughters was 11, they are all growing up so quick it is making me feel very old. Jade is a lover of horses and goes riding and helps at the yard so birthday presents had a very horsey theme to them.

20130412-112754 PM.jpg

After a busy couple of days I will not be doing a lot over the weekend as I am shattered and I think the weather man was telling fibs as it was raining today and it is going to rain tomorrow. So much for it being nice and hot on Sunday 😒

I have got my homework to do though so I can write up my ten minute play I have written and get it printed out.



20130410-091132 PM.jpg

This morning was the Creative Writing Group, woke up feeling very unsure as to whether I should go and in the end gave myself a little push and went for it. As I got there I was then told it was in a different building so had to walk there with an assistant, good job really or I might of walked off. It was a couple minutes past the start time so everyone was in the room, I immediately saw that even though the tables were all joined in a horseshoe shape (which is recommended) there was one person sitting on each table, so I sat on my own one too, not for long as I was joined immediately by another lady. That made seven of us in the class, three of which were men. We did the usual of going round the tables saying who we were and what we wanted to gain from the group. The usual form filling was completed, why they do not have one generic form for everything I will never know but that is what it is like in the UK.

We went on to read a ten minute play, which had three characters in it and then a discussion was held about what we thought was going on, what the play was about, how the characters played the parts. Then three people offered to read the parts so you then got a different view of the play as you could relate to the people in it. Most got the same scenario although a couple had different opinions, including myself but it was all down to your interpretation of what was going on. The author had set the scene very well and you got a lot from the few sentences he had written at the beginning and end.

We were then set the task of making up our own ten minute play with no set time or amount of characters so it was pretty flexible, we did our notes and first thoughts about that and then we have to finish it off for next week and take in copies for everyone so we can read out some of the plays. I have never written a play but came up with an idea very quickly which did surprise me (I think we do that sometimes) so that gave me some confidence in thinking that yes, I can do this. It is a good few years since I have had homework to complete. My first thought was, help, I have my blog to do and my stories to write, can I fit this in? I think I will have to be a bit strict with myself and maybe not read so many other blogs, they are so good though 🙁

So that was my day, then this evening I have my granddaughter here staying as we are going to get a train in the morning and go to London for the day, really looking forward to that. Will hopefully get time to write post about that tomorrow evening. I was also very happy as the weekend is going to be nice weather, in fact Sunday is looking very warm so that is going to be a garden day. The patio should be all finished by then, with lots of fairy lights and pictures. All being well will post pictures next week.

20130410-094202 PM.jpg



Not really sure how I have done this but I am writing this on Windows Live Writer and hopefully will get put onto blog, not sure how or if it will look the same.  I do not know where the day has gone but I do know I have not completed a lot at all today.  Still have problems with ITunes, I am going to ask an expert, when I find one.

At least the rain has given the strawberry plants a good soaking and the new seeds I planted, lets hope for some sun now to make them grow.  I did very well last year with them and have more this year so I am hopefully optimistic.

I am looking forward to tomorrow as I am going to a Creative Writing group, not really sure what to expect or how it will go but will tell you all about it.  I have new pad, pen and folder, always have to have new pad, any excuse really to buy a new one as you can get so many pretty ones now. 

I will put picture of Peaches and then press post and we will see what happens!  lol




20130408-115925 PM.jpg

Another lovely day in Kent, amazing how it makes you feel so much better. I have been busy today as sorted some plants in the pots so all strawberry plants are out, carrots have been planted and kale…not sure what that will be like as never tried growing that before. I need to get some potatoes, beetroot and onions in at the weekend and do all the flower pots in front of the windows. I have been collecting pictures, ornaments, lights and candle holders so it should look lovely by Sunday night….that’s the plan. My aim is to create a sitting area that will look nice all year round, I really do not like it looking so bare in the winter.

This evening I have been struggling with the new laptop and Windows 8, I attempted to load the printer as it is HP the same as laptop but no, they are not compatible so it now looks like I am going to have to buy a new printer! Will this never end, I have never known so many problems after buying a new laptop I wish I had just bought a cheap one now like I did before as I never had any trouble with it….apart from going wrong lol

I did manage to load all my pictures from the spare hard drive and took a lot of my camera so at least that went ok and I have them all, it was lovely looking back at when the children were little. Photos bring back so many memories, I ended up looking at loads of them and that is why I am so late writing this post, I nearly forgot about you all.

I am still struggling with the ITunes, I will have another go tomorrow at that as think I will have to google it to see what I am doing wrong. My wifi appears to be very slow tonight for some reason, if that goes wrong they may have to carry me out in a white coat as I will go mad lol

I was very surprised about the social media sites as MSN, FaceBook, Skype all appear to be linked together. Not sure about Twitter as have not got to grips with that yet, so many things to re-learn not easy for an old brain that’s very temperamental!

I also have a digital photo frame that I need to set up but have been putting it off as it all looks a bit complicated, if I can master this Windows 8 then anything is possible. Lol

Off to bed to read the book, night x



20130407-100950 PM.jpg

I will not look at you if you do not look at me!

What a lovely day we had here, I went outside and looked at the garden and realised how much there is to do out there. It feels like we should all hurry up and get things planted as everything is behind. I have made a plan to get the compost for the seed’s and will try to get those all in pots tomorrow and will have a full greenhouse (it is only small) I have some more solar lights to go up so it should look pretty then. The hard part is the digging, not very keen on that bit but I think my grandson is coming to help me, so that is good.

20130407-103426 PM.jpg

I really wonder sometimes why things seem to go wrong or not do what they are supposed to do. I had to make recovery disks for the new laptop so I bought a new pen drive and it has so far taken over 4 hours, it got almost to the end and there was a problem….not one that I understood, so had to start again. I also bought the new Office as I have Windows 8 so everything was up to date, I went on the Office website, it said to scratch off the strip and then put the number in and it will all download, simple. NO, I scratched it off and could not read the numbers! So had to take it back and then get another one, at least that did not charge me, I think he thought no one could make that up or be so stupid…he could see how smudged the numbers were.

The new laptop has not got a disk drive, no, I did not realise this until I went to use it. I now am the owner of a portable disk drive, at least it’s pink. Lol I also invested in a large capacity pink pen drive to keep everything backed up, let’s hope I have more luck with that. The laptop breaking has proved to be a very expensive experience, I keep telling myself that I have covered all points now, even paying for insurance so it will be fixed or replaced if there is a problem and they even MOT it every year. Probably need that with me using it! Lol

The children are still on Easter holidays here so I do not think I will be getting very much writing completed this week. I am looking forward to Izzy coming to stay, we plan on going out for the day. Will tell you more later in the week. Think it is time for me to get under the covers and read my book, I am half way through so I just want to finish it now.

20130407-104326 PM.jpg



20130406-093000 PM.jpg

2013, I have not really thought about it in any detail, it is just another year? BUT, that is not what some people are thinking, they look at it from a different point of view. I guess this depends on if you are superstitious and do not walk under ladders or throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder if you spill it. Does everybody have a lucky number? Is it really lucky or just a number they pick every time because they like it? Do you travel on the 13th? What about Friday 13th in 2013? Will you travel at all in 2013? If it meant I was going on holiday I would travel on any day but some people are not taking the chance, are they right? What do you think? Is 2013 going to be un-lucky for some people or is that just the way it goes, not everyone can have good luck, times or fortunes.

The car industry was not expecting to sell as many cars this first half of the year as the number plate would be 13, I was surprised because I had not even thought about the year at all. I guess we all have our lucky rabbits foot, item of clothing, numbers or things we do. Do you always pick the same lottery numbers? Does it just make us feel better if we pick our lucky numbers? Some people work out systems and change the numbers weekly, I do not think it matters what you do as it is just luck if you have the same numbers that come out, no prediction, system or anything else can make you win the lottery. It sure is fun trying and dreaming though.

Have you read your horoscope today? Did you avoid the joins in the pavement as you were walking to work? Hope you did not open your umbrella indoors or break a mirror as that would be 7 years bad luck! What about seeing a black cat. There are numerous superstitions that some people believe in, does it all mean something? Or are they just superstitions that have been carried down by each generation. Do you consciously do these things or are they habit as you were taught them when you was a child? I had to think about this and I think the things I do are habit as I will walk under ladders as long as there is not a pot of paint balanced up there. I do not ever put shoes on a table as my Nan would always say something about that, also I never open an umbrella. I do not even think when I say these things to the grandchildren!



20130405-093229 PM.jpg

Where do the day’s and week’s go, we are now into April and still freezing I might add. I am only a novice at gardening so I am thinking that we will be growing strawberry’s in August instead of June, not that I would mind so long as it was hot. Will everything just be a couple of month’s late? I am not sure, I know it is too cold for the seed’s outside yet.

Children appear to be getting so many bugs and infections as people cannot give their house a good airing and turn of central heating as it is far too cold. The odd jama day on a Sunday has turned into more days as it is warmer in bed! I must admit it is affecting my arthritis, It has been very painful, so having to take far more painkillers than normal and it just makes you feel so miserable when every time you move it hurt’s.

I bought a new 32g pen drive today ( pink of course ) so I can keep everything backed up myself even though the cloud does it too. I think I will be able to get everything off my old hard drive, boy was I pleased, just got to wait for it to be completed.

Not feeling my best tonight so going to have an early night and will try to improve on post content tomorrow. Night followers x



First of all I want to share the recipe for making paint, very simple and will save a fortune.

1 cup of salt
1 cup of flour
1 cup of water
Food colouring
Mix it all together and there you have it, your own paint.

20130404-083413 PM.jpg

I have had a lovely day today as I went and watched my granddaughter appearing in Oliver at the local theatre. What a well performed show and so professional, I was very impressed. It makes your heart swell with pride when one of your family shines in something.

20130404-083809 PM.jpg

I am still getting to grips with the new laptop and windows 8, you forget how many thing’s you have on your computer, so starting from scratch it is a bit of a bore putting everything back on it. Then to top it all of my bank thought that someone had committed fraud on my account so they stopped my card, they never told me, so I had the embarrassment of hearing “your card has been declined!” How embarrassing is that, I wanted to disappear down a whole in the floor and then I did not learn I went and tried it again in another shop. Four days later as it was Easter weekend the bank automated service ( I do not like that ) called me to say they had cancelled my card and a new one would be sent. Five days later I received a text message from the bank saying that my mobile app needed to be uninstalled and then reinstalled with new card number. I can assure you I really did not need all that too. So I could not use anything all week, I am visiting the bank tomorrow, keep away, I think the air might be blue!

20130404-085334 PM.jpg

I think the people from the bank should disappear there! Lol Although it does sound a bit like me, do not tell anyone I admitted to that. I will be going to the shop to buy this after as I think I will be needing it, any excuse to buy and try.

20130404-085001 PM.jpg

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