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That is the view from the parents balcony in Antigua, yes, I agree it’s horrible, they must be hating it lol ha ha

It feels like it should be Friday as I am so tired, I am so not used to getting up at seven every morning. I was going to get take away tonight as I really did not feel like cooking but Kara said,
“no Nan, I will cook pasta bake as we all like that and it is my favourite.” So that is what she did and it was very, very nice, followed by strawberries and cream.

There has been a lot of whispering going on and I was not allowed in the kitchen so think I may well have a surprise tomorrow as it is my birthday. It will be lovely waking up with all the children as I am normally at home on my own.

Creative writing in the morning, I like Wednesdays. I wrote three poems today and planned the outline for next story, roughly thinking of what will be in each chapter. I will have about fourteen chapters, is there an average? But I guess it depends how long the novel is? I described the characters, so they have a page each in notebook. I have a tray of cup cakes to take in, I have never really understood this tradition where the birthday person takes cakes in for everyone else, it really should be the other way round and they all bring me a cake as it is my birthday!

Further up-dates tomorrow x

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For the lucky parents that are in Antigua I hear it is very hot and you are having a great time.

For us here it has been raining again and we had no sun. We are having a good time though, school run went well, got some jobs accomplished, even did some washing. No homework tonight thank goodness as am feeling a bit tired as Izzy had an ear ache last night so had to give medicine at four this morning. Having a day in tomorrow so hopefully will get some writing completed so I keep on track. The children all face timed their parents tonight for over an hour and I think that made them all happy. I even got top marks from Izzy for the platt I did in her hair, I think they forget that I used to do all that for their Mum and Aunty.

It is amazing how adaptable children are for the things that happen in their lives. It is a shame we do not keep that part of ourselves as we grow up, things might not hit some of us so hard if we did.
I can hear my bed calling, night folks x



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What a busy day, we had a trip to the shops and all four children wanted to come and buy Fathers Day presents as they are doing Fathers Day next Sunday when Mum and Dad are back. I wanted to go into WH Smiths and get my writing magazines and ended up getting all the children a magazine Β£25 later lol. Was good when we got home though as they all sat reading, how peaceful that was.

The Owls from the sanctuary were all up town so we stopped and had a look at them.

20130616-064936 PM.jpg

I love the look on Alfie’s face as he looks out the corner of his eye at the owl.

20130616-065024 PM.jpg

Have you all had a good Fathers Day? It must be hard for the ones that have lost their Dads but the memories are there for ever. xx

Kara helped me cook a nice roast then bath time and hair wash, story time and bed. I think I may go to bed too. Lol Good day was had by all. X

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20130615-110402 PM.jpg

This week is going to be very different for me, I am going to be staying at my daughters house, looking after four children. My daughter and her husband have gone away to Antigua as Jodie’s best friend since school days is getting married out there and Jodie is bridesmaid and her husband Darren is giving Katie away. They have all been planning and saving for a couple of years, wanting it to be very special and luxurious.

So, my day started earlier than normal but ran very smoothly and I even got some editing completed on one of the stories. The children are very good, their ages are 15, 12, 10 and 5 so they all do their own thing and the youngest plays. They are not really upset or anything about their Mum and Dad not being here, as they see me a lot and stay with me and I stay at theirs. Their week will just go on as normal as I know the routine so that makes it easier I guess. Or it could be that I am a Super Nanny lol

The Nanny Cool web site is doing well, having lots of viewers but no comments yet πŸ˜’. So not sure if that is good or bad?



20130614-105218 PM.jpg

I find it amazing that from just looking on line you come across all sorts of things that you never knew anything about. This is one of those things, a National Waiters Day on 23rd June 2013. I believe we all need encouragement and recognition for the jobs we do, no matter what they are and having days like this makes that all the more possible.

Please can you let me know what you think of the web site as feed back is always welcome.

Have a good weekend everyone, I have heard a rumour that the sun may make an appearance tomorrow. πŸ˜€



20130614-034353 PM.jpg

The website has just gone live, I am so excited and relieved that it is at last finished and completed to the best of my ability. I will update it everyday when I do my blog, you can get to my blog from the website too so I thought that was a good plan of mine. I have sworn a lot and thrown things out of the pram but it has all been worth it.

Please let me know your thoughts, got to go do editing now on one of my stories. I should be celebrating!

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20130613-093047 PM.jpg

I have spent today editing a story that I wrote a while ago, it is amazing how you see things differently when you come back to them after a few weeks. I rewrote some of the story and feel happier with it now. I must of been very engrossed in it as I forgot the time and forgot to eat! Must be the sign of a dedicated writer. Lol

I have also written my first children’s story so I will spend tomorrow going over that and making a few changes. I have found it very different writing for a younger audience, it is a different style of writing and I had to think of what pictures would accompany each page of writing so that it all blended together.

In the UK tonight it was the start of the summer Big Brother television show, it is one of those programmes that you either love or loath. I like it as I find it funny and entertaining I wonder if anyone is doing a Big Brother Blog? See you all tomorrow x



Raining, miserable weather but today I am trying to stay upbeat about everything. Creative writing class was very interesting as we all had to read our poems out and I was amazed at how all of our poems were written in the same style as our stories. Most were very descriptive, concrete writing and I guess that is a reflection on the fact that we are learning to be more creative and using these styles of writing. We only have two more classes, then they stop until October but I have found a writing group here so will think about going to that. I am writing some stories at the moment for a couple of competitions and during the summer I will hopefully get a good way through my first book I am writing. We are combining our poems and making a class book over the next couple of weeks, think it will make good reading as combining all the different styles.

20130612-090545 PM.jpg



What a day, I had forgotten what an upheaval it was to get a new sofa. The hallway had to be emptied, had to arrange for old sofa to go. Move everything out of the way so new sofa and chair could fit in. Then clean and dust all the places you cannot normally get to, how do they get so mucky? At last by early evening I had finished but I did clean everywhere and it all looks great.

20130611-094315 PM.jpg

20130611-094332 PM.jpg

Creative writing tomorrow so more poems, I do prefer the writing but it is still interesting. We had to think of words that we liked and as it was sunny last week I picked these:
Flowers, home, fun, smell, fairy lights, herbs, fairies, peace, feel, book, writing, wine and touch.
So then we had to make a poem from these words, this is what I came up with.


Twinkling fairy lights
Flowers that shine
The fairies are out tonight
You can smell the wine
Glowing in the light
I touch the lavender
The smell is divine
Peace is at home

20130611-100358 PM.jpg



20130609-070431 PM.jpg

You buy a new red Porsche and then all you see everywhere are red Porsches, we all find things like that happen in all areas of our life from getting pregnant and then there seem to be pregnant ladies everywhere to illnesses that break into our lives and take over. I am sure as everyday people most of us just know that Leukaemia, Myalgic Encephalopathy or β€œME”, Diabetes and many other conditions just exist. When one of our family or friends are diagnosed with it we then find out all we can about the illness and ways we can help. This week is all about raising awareness about DIABETES do we know what to look for? Could someone close be suffering with this? How much fundraising has to be done to find answers about this condition? Let us all support and help in any small way we can, even if it is just buying a bracelet you are helping.

I have read and talked to people about MINDFULNESS over the last few weeks and it seems to be coming up a lot.

20130609-072717 PM.jpg

Now breaking into diabetes I believe it started overseas in the Mental Health area and some consultants are using the method and having good results. I guess you will not know unless you try it and like a lot of therapy it will only help some, not all I am afraid. Mental Health is another issue that people do not really know anything about until it affects them in one way or another, but even then there are some that find it hard to say let alone talk about. We need to make all these things less scary so our children grow up acknowledging different illnesses and accepting them not being frightened of them.

20130609-073727 PM.jpg
Have a lovely evening everyone xx

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