As you can see from the heading I really want today to be over, for a variety of reasons. You know when you wake up and you just do not feel right, one minute hot so I take my jumper off and then I am cold. Also have the headache that you just know is going to be there all day, no matter what you do or take for it. I had to go shopping as got visitors at the weekend, I must of traveled miles walking round and round the supermarket as my brain would not engage at all. You guessed it, I picked the checkout with the trainee assistant on it, it must of been her first day!

I eventually get home and think about dinner as my daughter comes round for dinner on Thursdays, it will be a very simple dinner today. I sit down with a cup of tea and put my laptop on as I like to try and read a few blogs and maybe do a bit more towards the web site. That’s funny, I thought I turned the laptop on…..I did, there is no life in it apart from the on light. I turn it off and leave it for a while, then try again but no there is nothing. I have most things backed up on another drive, apart from the latest book I am writing so I am a little bit stressed as most people would be.

You would think that it could not get any worse, you do not know me. My friends constantly tell me that I am the most unlucky person they have ever known. I then get a phone call from my electric supplier, which I do think is a bit odd as it is after work hours. They ask me if I have had a letter increasing my payments, I say no. I tell them I will send them a meter reading in the morning. After the call I go on line and have a look at my account, it is normally about £60 a quarter. They have estimated my bill at £386.20

That is more than what it is a year, how do they work that out? They will get my email in the morning.

I am now going to bed, enough is enough.

20130321-091829 PM.jpg

That makes me smile x


Maybe you like me just thought that today was Wednesday 20th March 2013 well read on and all will be revealed.

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So today is the first day of Spring, it really does not feel like it, the garden does not look like it as the bulbs do not think it is Spring either. We now have longer hours of light and less of night for a while, then on the 21st June we have the longest day. It is just a shame we have no sunshine or warmth to go with this.

20130320-072636 PM.jpg

Today is also International Day of Happiness, it is amazing what you find out on line. I hope you have all had a very happy day and spread some happiness around.

There appears to be a lot of these name days and it is just luck if you know about them. All I want is to see the sun as I am sure everybody is happier in the summer.

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Talking to a parent the other day, who was having a few little problems with her teenagers. Nothing major or really bad but still it needed correcting. The children were forgetting that they were not adults yet and they still had to treat their parents with respect and do the couple of chores that were their jobs. The mother was saying to me, how the children did not realise how lucky they were, well they could not know as they had had everything from when they were born. She did come up with some ideas though.

The children complained about emptying the dishwasher, so it was turned off! They had to wash up by hand, a very good lesson to be learned.

They had their mobile phones taken off them when they walked in the door, if they wanted to phone someone it had to wait until after 6 or at weekends, as that was when it was free on their line rental deal.

They had laptops, iPads and iPhones taken off them and there was just 1 laptop on the table which they could use for homework and they had to take turns for that.

Shopping was always done by Mum on line as she also worked everyday, that was stopped and the children had to add on to the list when something had run out or they needed something. Then on a Saturday they had to go shopping with Mum and Dad, help to pack at the till, load car and then when they got home they had to put it all away. They now new where everything was kept and just how time consuming shopping is and actually quiet boring.

They always had sandwiches for lunch on Saturdays so the children took it in turns to make the lunch and tidy up.

The cleaner was cancelled so once a week they had to Hoover, dust and change beds.

It they had completed all homework and jobs they were allowed out but only until 8 as then they had to read to the younger children or parents. Then bedtime, no TV during the week, so reading, writing, cards or board games.

I asked the parent how it had gone, she gave me the look and said she almost gave up at the beginning but her husband had said “no they have got to realise just how lucky they are and how hard we and their grandparents had it, when we were growing up.”

Their house has gone back to normal now but the difference in the children is very noticeable and I believe they have learnt a very valuable life lesson.

What a brilliant idea and so true the children of today are so lucky but they need to know just how lucky they are.

20130319-043310 PM.jpg


St Patricks Day, does it mean anything to you? It will if you are Irish, but not sure if it is the meaning of it or just an excuse to party and down a few too many Guinness’s! It is just as well then that Monday is a Bank holiday in Ireland, this is because St Patricks day falls on a Sunday so they get an extra day off. What a good idea, just make sure you don’t party on the Monday night though as its work on Tuesday.

20130317-105748 AM.jpg

What ever you are doing today try to have some fun, laughing keeps you young, so they say.


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Who remembers this? It is very hard to believe that TV finished about midnight and all you got then was a horrible noise, I think they said “please do not forget to turn your television off”. What did people do if they could not sleep? I guess read a book or magazine, not that there was a huge choice in magazines either. I can remember never liking Sunday evening’s as Songs of Praise was on, I did not like that. My very first job, well not really a job as I did not get paid for it but I still loved it, every Saturday afternoon I worked in the children’s library, it was separate then. I loved looking through all the books and putting them back on the shelves all in alphabetical order, what my highlight of the afternoon was if I got to stamp the books out when children borrowed them. I felt so grown up. We were allowed 3 books out a week and I always read all of mine, even then, once I had started a book I could not put it down.

People always say that school is the best time of your lives but you never believed them. I came across this next picture and the memory’s came tumbling back, I could not only do two balls up on the wall but three. Juggling then became easy once you could do that. I so wished I had written the songs down that we used to sing as we used to drop a ball or turn round all while we were throwing the balls up against the wall. Shouting from inside the house became normal as it made an awful noise constantly banging the balls up against the wall. I was then sent down the garden to do it on the garage wall, I would not annoy anyone down there.

20130316-091900 PM.jpg

Two of my granddaughters were doing Cats Cradle the other day and they were amazed that I new how to do it! I really do not like it when they say “we’re you alive in the war, Nanny?”

Have a good weekend people. X


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How simple are these to make with the children, you can pick your colours. Just use a simple cookie dough mixture to make them. The grass is shredded coconut dyed green. If you do not want to use food colouring for all of it then some red fruit, black current or cordial can all be used.

There are some novelty biscuit cutters in the shape of eggs, bunny's, basket's and chick's which are good easy for the children to use. Icing can be bought in tubes now so it's easy to use and such a variety of colour's. if you wanted to do an Easter scene, purchase or make a Swiss roll and cover in chocolate icing so it looks like a log and position the chick's and bunnies on it or behind it, peeping over the top. Cover a plate with the green dyed coconut and you have the grass.

The children will love it, almost as much as the Easter Eggs! X


Everywhere you go there are people dressed in red holding out tins for your money to fill them. I have nothing against this, I just wish they would come up with something a bit different as we have seen most celebrity’s doing their embarrassing dance, job or what ever they think is funny. At least tonight there will be no choice in watching TV or going to bed with a good book. I will admit the children all looked good going to school in red clothes, they love that, it’s like hey, I have got normal clothes and not just this boring school uniform. It must be awful working in a shop where you have to wear a red nose all day, how painful is that! I cannot even find any enthusiasm for the red noses on the car’s, how did I ever find that cute? I must of been a child.

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Amy Prescott from PassTheMixingBowl has nominated me for this award, I would like to thank her very much as these awards make it all worth while and gives you the encouragement to carry on.

The rules for this award are as follows:

Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
Acknowledge the blogger and link back.
Answer the “Super Sweet” questions.
Nominate a bakers dozen for the award, add a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.
Copy and paste the award on your blog somewhere.

Right, first of all the questions:

Cookies or Cake? I think I prefer cake as there is more of it but to tell you the truth I would eat any. Lol
Chocolate or Vanilla defiantly chocolate.
What is your favourite sweet treat? I think it would have to be gypsy tart, I love it.
When do you crave sweet things the most? in the evening with a cup of coffee, it’s my treat.
If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?. This is hard, what about “Sweetie pie”

now for my nominations:

Thank you all for reading and following my blog. It is a pleasure to receive these awards even if the pictures are not going in side bar lol.


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Thank you very much to for the nomination for this award. It is very much appreciated.

Facts about myself that you do not know mmmmm

1. I might throw this laptop out the window if I cannot get the picture of award in my side bar!
2. My friends are all as mad as me!
3. I could not live without my iPad now!
4. I really like Twitter, only just joined for blog!
5. I love Champagne!
6. I will win the lottery one day! Lol that’s a wish!
7. Another wish, I would like to write a column for a newspaper about Nanny Cool.

Bloggers I nominate:

That’s another one completed, getting quicker but still no picture! Thank you for following and reading x


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Today, I was nominated for my first ever Liebster Award by Jenny Pugh( Thank you for nominating me, I’m really excited as this is all so new to me. I am still struggling to get the picture of the award on my blog 🙁

I didn’t really know much about what the Liebster award was, but the rules are:

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog and thank the person who nominated you, include a link back to their blog
2. Answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated you, list 11 random facts about yourself, and create 11 questions for your nominees
3. Nominate 11 blogs with 200 or less followers who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.

Right these are my answers:

1. If you could be a superhero for a day, who would it be?
Mary Poppins, she is a hero in my eyes, I would love to fit as much in my handbag as what she does.
2. My 5 favourite films?
The Body Guard
You’ve Got Mail
Breakfast At Tiffany’s.
Thelma & Louise
The entire box set of Cold Feet
3. What food or drink could I not live without?
4. Have I met anyone famous?
Ken Barlow from Coronation Street lol
5. Anything exciting planned for this year?
To get a lot more people reading my blog.
6. Favourite place to visit?
I lived in Australia for a few years and that is lovely.
7. If I was in charge and could get anything banned, what would it be?
8. Are you addicted to social media?
I am now as it is all linked to blog.
9. Any phobias?
I do not think so
10. Are we humans or dancers?
Humans, I cannot dance.
11. Did I want to change my name as a child?

My 11 random facts about myself.

1. I love the sun
2. I had a bar in Spain
3. I am an Australian Citizen
4. My first job was a dental nurse and receptionist
5. I do not really like flying
6. I like Olives
7. I love plain chocolate
8. I love going to London
9. We had 5 generations alive in our family until 1991
10. I love pink and purple
11. I have a Wii and a Play Station

My 11 questions for the next winner are:

1. Favourite Artist?
2. What food don’t you like?
3. Chinese or Indian?
4. Sun or Snow?
5. Where abroad have you been?
6. What has been your favourite job?
7. What do you like about blogging?
8. Favourite flower?
9. What is your best childhood memory?
10. Have you been in hospital?
11. What would be the first thing you bought if you won the lottery?

My nominees are:

Hopefully I have completed this task, only taken me all night lol x. Thank you all for following x

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