Sue is one of my favourite authors as well as being such a lovely person to talk to for advice and help.  Sue also teaches in the UK and abroad at some of the writing retreats including one in Italy.  So with her very full schedule she still finds the time to write amazing novels.  

Love and Freedom is one of her best I think and set in Brighton which is a great place and when she mentions some of the names you can just picture it all in your mind and I love that.  The story develops around the character Honor as she escapes to Brighton to find her past and also to decide her future but that is taken out of her hands by love!  I like the characters who are all very believable and the bits of humour that lighten the story and keep you intrigued. I won’t give any spoilers but I must say there is one point that I really wasn’t expecting or it just might be me being a bit slow.

I recommend you read this as it truly is a delightful book and ideal  for a summer read on the beach.




Another week is over and in a few days it will be April, it only seems like yesterday we were celebrating New Year. The winter feels like it has dragged on to me as it has been so cold, we definitely need some sunny days.  Let’s hope we have a nice Easter and can get out to enjoy the holiday.   

I visited Truly Scrumptious last week with some friends, the lunch was delicious and all home made.  I had to finish off with the coffee cake again.   The prices are so reasonable it is cheaper than buying and making it all yourself. 





I have been struggling the last couple of weeks trying to decide on a new name for the web site and should I keep Nanny Cool. 


After a lot of thought and some very good in-put from Kara I have decided on:

The only decision I still have to make is, should it be .uk or the well known  I would appreciate your views on this please.  Have a great weekend everyone, I will be writing the next best seller! Lol x




I am in love, can you be in love with a cafe/bistro restaurant?  Why have I not been here before, they have been open for nearly a year!  Amy and Abbi have hit on a brilliant idea and it is working very well, with different floors, levels and many tables with the whole place scattered with antiques from clothes, pictures, pots to even a lovely old rocking horse.  The lights or should I say chandeliers need a room of their own as they are beautiful and set the areas of with a touch of class.  The menus are vast and very different, presented on a clip board so you can see the full selection from the different days of the week.   I went there today and for a Saturday afternoon they were very busy but still had the time for a quick chat, the atmosphere is so welcoming and cosy so makes it a nice place for a single woman to go for dinner or a drink.   


I am looking forward to a Sunday lunch and will definitely be letting you all know about it.  I wish I had visited this wonderful place a bit earlier today as the smoked salmon and scrambled egg would of been a pleasure to try and of course a Buck’s Fizz to go with it. 


There are many events catered for here including Folkestone Freedom Writers which is held every two weeks and the first Friday of the month they have a party night, sounds good so I will have to attend just so I can blog about it!   

The back ground music is lovely and mellow and just blends into the surroundings so well.  I will leave you now with a few pictures of this great place, please don’t forget to say that Nanny Cool sent you here as you will not be disappointed.  


I will definitely have to post pictures of all the cocktails! Lol  


Ladies, what is better than this? You can eat cake, drink cocktails and purchase clothes or one off antiques to take home and look at and dream about going back again! Lol  


Will post the wine list next time, I am so looking forward to going back again and I would recommend this place to everyone as I think it will appeal to such a wide variety of people.  Well done Amy and Abbi you have made FOLLIES a wonderful place, well done ladies. xx



Had a lovely evening last night with Steve and we popped down to Rocksalt in the harbour for a couple drinks.  I did not sample the cocktails though as Steve does not drink so I decided to join him and was pleasantly surprised at what a good time I had.  He did keep me amused about stories from his past and the famous people he has met.  We then finished of with dinner at the BlackBull which was superb as normal.  I had the scampi which were cooked just right and Steve had the chicken feast, after that amount of chicken I am surprised he wasn’t clucking. 

This week the weather has been very good so the garden was given a bit of a spring clean and all the seeds put outside ready for planting out in a couple weeks.  I was surprised at the amount of new pots, signs and lights that I had collected over the winter and xmas.  


Better start saving your banana skins for the garden.  I will let you know if it works, I hope so as I love roses and have planted some climbing ones so I really want them to get growing this year.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week and a lovely day to start it on Mothering Sunday, I am seeing both my girls and looking forward to a great day.  This last week has been very hard for me and I have had a few tears but I have filed it all away in a box and have to move on.  I do not understand why people are so hurtful though.  Having to have lots of tests on my heart again so not pleasant but a necessity to find out what the problem is.  I wish all the Mums out there a wonderful day. x



I popped into this coffee shop today and met Amanda who with Donna owns this cafe, I was surprised that they had been here for over 7 months and I had not been into see them.  After tasting the coffee cake today I will be returning as it was delicious and washed down with a large cappuccino and such a good price I can see me introducing my friends to this lovely little tearoom. 

Everything is homemade and the choice is vast so whether it’s a sandwich, lunch, dinner or a cream cake these girls certainly know how to make it.  

Donna thought of the name and I am sure it reminds a lot of us of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and everything is scrumptious that they serve up.  Also making cakes for celebrations and doing outside catering they appear to have everything covered. 

Tell them Nanny Cool sent you to try the scrumptious cakes! 



Number 19 stands out to me as the best one and how true it is.  I may only be a blogger and trying to be writer but the people I have met on my journey have been absolutely amazing.  There is like an instant connection and the support is amazing, I have never known anything like it anywhere I have worked over the years.  

My first ‘meeting‘ of authors was at The Writers Holiday in Wales nearly two years ago, a welcome that was rich in friendship which was to last.  I learnt a lot and was given so much advice, enthusiasm and courage to keep going and to never give up.  I heard all their stories as no one is as lucky as JK Rowling or can write a book and get publicity like 50 Shades of grey.  The struggle and determination definitely makes for a good author even if you do have to publish yourself.  Everything is worth it in the end and you just have to keep going, that is what I am now telling myself.  It is hard to not fall into a rut or bad habits and sometimes to even keep going but then you have your FaceBook friends, how amazing are they!  Apart from my friends and family my Nanny Cool FaceBook friends are all authors most I have never met but will comment, support, give advice and are always there for you.  I think writers are the best people on earth and I love all of them. 

These flowers are for all the writers out there wherever you are. Xx



Yesterday was World Book Day, children got a voucher to go and purchase a £1 book for free from selected shops.  Some schools ask the children to dress up as their favourite book character and they have a book themed day at school.  I am surprised that not many schools did that in my area this year but I guess it all gets a bit boring for the children that are in the last year of primary school if they been doing it every year.  

The main news last night was about a young boy dressing up as Christian Grey and being told to go home from school as it is not appropriate.  Right or wrong?  As it is a child’s character there is no way he would of read the book so he is just getting it from the hype in the news, tv and magazines.  So it is not his favourite character all he knows is how he dresses.  Was the mother wrong in letting him go to school dressed like that even though he looked very smart and maybe there was a funny side to it?  I think she didn’t thing it through and would be regretting the decision now especially as he was sent home and is in the news.  Some of the children would have no idea who he was and it was not a children’s book or character.   Was the school right in sending him home?  I think that was a bit harsh surely they had some clothes there that they could have made him into something so he could enjoy the day.  Many of the younger children would not of realised but the oldest ones would know something about it unless they were banned from all media.  Is this like you are told what you can or cannot read?  Some older children in primary will be reading teenage books as they progress, would you stop them if they were not 13?  I guess this ends up like what games they play and what tv programmes they watch and as children all mature at different stages it is up to the parent to be involved and make the decisions.  Would make a good talking point or debate especially with the children and adults.

Target, why do we not have that shop in the UK I used to love it when I lived in Australia and now I keep seeing all these great little stationary things like paper clips with cute pictures and great stickers. I want some! 😊

Last purchase – This is what I have bought myself and I love love love it and cannot wait to snuggle down under it and what a bargain.  This is from Matalan and they have some great pieces for the home and their clothes are really nice and a good price.  What was your last purchase? 



My youngest grandaughter Mia will be 3 tomorrow so she had her tea party today. During the week she decided she wanted a new princess dress and she would wear it at her party so Mum told all the other Mums and the kids came in fancy dress.  Today Mia would not wear her new dress for anyone or anything, it was just not happening. Her brother Zac was a superman and he enjoyed it. 

A lovely time was had by all. 

I have decided to keep the blog as Nanny Cool and to not really change that very much at the moment as I have just up-dated the site with new tabs and drop down menus.

The books I am writing will be changed and will not feature Nanny Cool.

The website will be about everything with a link to the blog, a page about the books I am writing also a page for my poems and then other things and a mix of new and some of the bits from the old website.   Now we just have to think of a name for the website, here are some ideas.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                They can be .com or there are a few things you can have at the end.    Please send me your ideas.

Happy St David’s day to you all and let’s hope March is full of springtime sunshine and happiness. xx



Should  I change the name of my blogging site and web site?  When I spoke to a couple of publishers about my two books I am writing which are about Nanny Cool and her adventures they both thought immediately that they were going to be children’s stories.   As they are not, is the name misleading but then I would have to take Nanny Cool out of the books which I guess would be better.  My grandchildren thought of the name obviously because they think I am cool, lol.  My blog covers a lot of things including my family so it is personal to me but the posts are very varied so should I change what I write about and go in another direction?  I could keep the blog as Nanny Cool as it is about family, change the books to just be stories and change the name of the web site so it can include a few things.  My head is full of all different roads and I am not sure which one I am on at the moment.  Can I ask you the readers what do you think?  All ideas very welcome. x

My eldest grandson was 14 on Friday, where does the time go, it only seems like a few years ago he was born not 14.  He got mostly money for his birthday so he was off on a shopping trip today to Canterbury to buy clothes, I was surprised at that as it’s normally the girls that want the clothes but I am obviously out of touch as clothes are very important to boys today.  

It’s been a horrid rainy windy day today so I have been reading and catching up on some tv I had recorded.  My plants appear to be doing so well in the kitchen, the beetroot seeds appear to have all grown but I am not sure what is going on with the asparagus as each heart has just one stem that is growing and growing and will be to the ceiling soon!  

I spent a couple of hours on Pinterest and changed a few boards around and pinned some more pictures.  It’s surprising how your thoughts about what you like change after a few months as what I had put on my wish/birthday/Christmas list board had changed and I got rid of a lot of things but then added some more.  There would always be something you want on Pinterest, maybe I should stop looking!  

Hope your all having a great weekend and the weather is better tommorow. 




What is Pinterst etiquette?  Some say not to pin too many of someone’s pins (pictures) but surely that is the idea of it and if someone pins a lot of mine or follow my board’s I feel very pleased as they must like my ideas.  

I love the choice of all the pins and the great ideas you can get about anything at all and I could spend a few hours just looking through everything that I very often get lost and there is another 2 hours I have lost.  

One of my favourite boards is my childhood as seeing pictures of something I had or a picture of something that brings back happy memories I just love. This next picture did that as I had forgotten all about these magazines, I had a huge collection and they had the words to songs In them.  Each one was a different colour and at the time I was so happy when my Nan or Grandad bought me one in fact after a while as I liked them so much they had it delivered to the house with the newspaper. I was the envy of my friends then as I always got it first and took it to school.

As an author you can make a board about your books or one board for each book and then the reviews and comments about it.

A blogger can have their blog and all their posts on a board, or a board about different topics they talk about on their blog.

You can adjust it to what ever you do so that it puts you in the public eye and create more exposure for yourself. 

Follow me or my boards or just pin my pins, I really don’t mind.  Get creating and let me know and I will follow you or your books. x

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