This is definitely a book that you cannot put down, there is so much going on all the time with all the characters. Milly Johnson is an expert writer and has out done herself this time, well written, flows superbly and an absolute joy to read. From bigamy to bankruptcy the story unfolds as the characters find their way out of the problems other people have created for them. I love the way everything is finalised for each persons story so it does not keep you wondering or assuming what happened. I recommend you all to read and if you want to borrow it then please let me know.




/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/e72/45767120/files/2014/12/img_0338.jpgMy grandson Zac is a year old today, Happy Birthday Zac like a flash the year has gone. I have not done half of the things I wanted to so next years list has started already. Time does seem to go faster the older you get, why is that? I have not written or blogged as much as I would like as there always seems to be something else to do or I am not well and just not up for doing anything. As I write this in bed I feel sad for not accomplishing my dreams but hopeful that I do have next year to try again.



/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/e72/45767120/files/2014/12/img_0243.jpgI met my friends for our Christmas lunch last week, I don’t think any of us ate all of it as the servings were so enormous. The mint torte was my absolute favourite thing though. My friends mean the world to me and pick me up when I am down and help me when I am ill, I really do not know how I would survive without them, Thank you all.
My daughter Billie had an accident at the horse stables and got stamped and kicked by one of the horses so that was a week of worry, going to hospital and looking after her children. All ok now and home but we could of all done without that. I don’t think anyone is organised for xmas this year as too much drama…..please take note up there this family has had enough.
My other daughter has a new house with a new type of heating and when it goes wrong no one knows what to do so at the moment they are giving them heaters until it is fixed, just what you want when it’s getting colder and the children are just about to break up for the xmas holidays.
On a happier note it was my eldest granddaughter Kara’s birthday on Friday, she had a party with her friends and then a family party on Saturday so it was nice to get together and celebrate.





I have one last writing class of the year this week, then we start again in January. My acupuncture on my shoulder has been cancelled until January and they are hoping I will be over the infections and coughs I have been having by then, let’s hope so but this is me we are talking about lol it will probably be snowing and I will be stuck indoors!
Have a good week everybody xx


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I wanted to share this with you as I went through so many different emotions in one day. This happened last week, my daughter Billie had been complaining about a sore finger for months but as it had got worse and was interfering with what she was doing she decided to see the doctor. Billie thought that it may be broken. The doctor had a look and decided to send her for an X-ray so off she went to the hospital. When in the X-ray room she asked the radiologist if she could tell her if it was broken or not she replied that she would wait and see what it looked like.

After the picture was taken the radiologist asked Billie to wait outside as she just had to ring the main hospital and speak to the doctor. Billie just waited and didn’t think anything was wrong.
BUT then the woman came out and told Billie that she had something in her bone and they would fax the report over to her doctor and to go and see him that afternoon! Billie then rang me to tell me all this, our thoughts were the same; what could be in the bone? If it was arthritis as I have that and grandparents did they just send a report so it can’t be that. Bone cancer was what the thoughts and googling came up with.
I went with Billie to the doctor that evening and she hadn’t received the fax, she said she wasn’t surprised that it showed something and that was why she sent her for x Ray as she does not normally do that for a finger. We were told to wait while they contacted hospital for the report. I think we waited for 30 minutes but it felt longer, we were then told to go home and the doctor would phone Billie, even if she did not get report she would ring her to make sure she was ok……… She was ok! I was a mess!
That evening we had the phone call, it was a tumour on her finger that was destroying her bone but it was benign. Well that is the word you want to hear as nothing seems as bad then.

Billie has now seen an orthopaedic consultant and the finger has been strapped up and she has an MRI probably next week. They are saying that if they operate they will take bone from her wrist and put it in her finger but her doctor is not so keen on that idea, so we are waiting for results of MRI.

Thoughts of the C word send every emotion possible through your head and I wonder how some people live with it and appear so calm but I guess every body is different and we all react to things in our own way. Billie may have a bit of a wonky finger and pain but that is nothing compared to where our thoughts were going last week. Xx



Papa Spyk lives in the same town as me so I said I would read his book and do a review for him so he got a bit of publicity. The book is about his life and the events that have happened to him, I felt the book could of been a bit more hard hitting with the facts but apparently he wanted to tone it down as his daughter would read it. Hopefully if they do the documentary on it that is being discussed now they will improve that part as you would get more emotion and the gutsy determination showing through then.
I feel the book could do with a professional proof reader and maybe the layout of the events changed into a more orderly read. Saying that though, he has written a good book about his life which was his aim. He goes from a lad having the time of his life to then destroying his body with drugs and then the fight back to where he is today.
I am not sure about the comments, photo album and reflection at the end of the book, maybe some of them would be better included in the main story and a photograph linking with that part.
For a first book and self published I feel he should of contacted some agents or authors for the best way to go about writing his life story.

IMG_0137.JPGNot sure he should of charged me for the book as I was reviewing it! Lol



This art bar is getting better and bigger and the reviews and awards are really coming in and I am not at all surprised. The food and drink here is just amazing, they care about every drink and piece of food that leaves their kitchen.


IMG_3455.PNG I had a hot chocolate in the week, it was the best ever.


How is this for something a bit different and very, very tasty. Ring and get yourself booked in now.





We had about four words to put together to make a short story and this is what I came up with, feel free to comment with your thoughts.
The poem just came to me one evening so thought I had better write it down. Enjoy x

Broken Lady

How did you get to be?
as you sit and stare, cry or sleep
do you think of what might have been?
Do you care?
You are the broken lady from our street,
have you lived here always?
Is it here that you became,
Sometimes your eyes light up,
like a child’s on Christmas Day.
You talk to us, the kids on your street,
you never had a happy life,
apart from giving your children life.
How did you get to be,
so broken?
With no one there to care,
sitting and waiting,
we wonder if you will always be there
our broken lady on our street.
They say we are too young to care,
but caring comes to everyone, no age bar there.
The cold days come, we see your face
through the window panes.
We wonder if, you will still be there
when the sun comes back and we play again
will we see our broken lady, from our street?

Mistaken Identity? Or not?

As he parked the car he looked all around to see if anyone was watching him, not really thinking they would be as he was a good two towns away from home. He got the ticket making sure it was ok for a couple of hours, he had never been longer than two hours so new that would be fine. As he walked into the back entrance of Pussycats one of the girls appeared to welcome him taking him through to the waiting area, which was very elegantly done out in red velvet and low lighting. The bar was in the far corner and he went towards it to get a straight shot of Bourbon, the girl serving him was gorgeous he thought to himself and those legs go on for ever, how he would of loved to follow them up and taste her softness.
The madam who ran the establishment came over to welcome him, she did remember him as he had been before on numerous occasions roughly every 8 weeks. She wondered why he only came then and had once asked him and his reply had been that he was away working.
He didn’t want her to know any of his business and kept everything to himself not even sharing anything at home with his wife of 20 years. Thinking of her he felt a twinge of pain for his wife, she would be distraught if she new where he was.
As he filled in the customary paperwork he adjusted his glasses he didn’t want to miss anything or sign in the wrong place and to just check that it was the same form which was just about accidental damage and that they had no liability if he was injured or something. He sometimes thought that he ought to get them to sign a form for him as some of the girls could be a bit rough with his old todger.
Just as he was about to sign another girl with a tray full of glasses and jugs for the bar walked past and fell over, he never did find out what she fell over as in the commotion she fell into him and knocked his glasses off then preceding to stand on them. Hearing the crunch of the glass his heart raced, panic, how would he see he depended on those glasses. The apologies that followed did nothing to help the situation but the promise that they would buy him new glasses up to the value of £200 soothed him considerably also the session he was about to have was free and he could have their brand new girl who had started last week.
Suddenly the world didn’t seem to bad, even though he couldn’t see a thing, he followed madam through to the purple room the lights were so low he was surprised he didn’t fall over something. As he left her and walked into his heaven as that’s what he called it to himself, all he could make out was a lot of purple, then the girl said
“I hope you don’t mind the lights off, I’m a bit new to this and perform so much better in low light.” “Of course not” he replied thinking to himself that she sounded familiar but had a strange accent.
As she slowly undressed him not saying a word he was getting so aroused at her touch and really just wanted to kiss her everywhere but that wasn’t allowed, how could he contain himself. Well he tried but it was so hard, there was something so familiar about her and her smell, he loved that perfume; where had he smelt it before? He asked himself over and over again. The girl turned out to be the best he had ever had and he told her that also saying that he wished he could see her face, she replied saying that wasn’t it better to keep it all a mystery?
“But how will I know who to ask for next time I’m here?” I’m sure if you just say your wife they will know it’s me! What the, he started to say before she turned to him while opening the door saying, “if you can’t beat them join them, good afternoon sir, I hope you enjoyed your visit, see you next time.”




Last week I went for Christmas lunch at my granddaughters school, they have turned a classroom into a restaurant next to the kitchen and it is set up very professionally. We had two of the starters which were the soup and the prawn cocktail.


It is very good practise for the kids to learn how to serve customers and they are taught everything not only the cooking but the running of the resturant. I had the turkey dinner and it was really tasty, even the brussels!



IMG_0102.JPGThe pork was extremely tender and then there was the vegetarian option which I was told was very creative and unusual so it was a joy to eat. The best bit is always the dessert and I had the citrus tart, well I could of eaten another piece of that as it was gorgeous. The profiteroles went very quickly and ten out of ten was given for everything especially the presentation.


IMG_0106.JPG Another lunch very well done Kara and I am looking forward to the next time and a bargain for £14!

IMG_0110.JPG But it was not over yet, we had not had the coffee and mince pie. Lovely fresh coffee with cream and mince pie. Everything is homemade in the kitchen, even the bread.



IMG_0108.JPG Well done to all.



A few weeks ago I started the Creative writing course again as there is now a new tutor so I thought it would be good to get different perspectives on things and also many different ideas.  We have covered a few things but I wanted to share this weeks with you that I have completed today.  We had to write a short piece about someone being happy or excited because of their surroundings but aim to show it through descriptions of how they feel without naming the feelings directly.  Not as easy as what it sounds but this is what I came up with.


 Walking towards the gate Sheila’s hands were shaking it had been so long since she had been here and to be honest she never thought she would be back but a miracle had happened, she felt her heart beating, was that to remind her?  What would she find when she opened her gate. Her hand closed round the cold handle and turning it slowly to the right it opened as did her eyes, so big they looked like saucers, her heart was really beating now.

The sunflowers were bouncing in the gentle breeze making them look like they were smiling.  The bees sounded like they were buzzing away to a song as they delved into the Hollyhocks that were a striking shade of pink.

Walking towards the chairs and table Sheila needed to sit down before she fell down, this was so amazing.  Then looking towards the bird bath she saw a tiny sparrow tentatively sticking his head in the water then deciding that it was safe he jumped in, flapping his wings, Sheila felt like doing that if she had wings.  The dryness in her throat was getting worse and she could feel the build-up of the dam and then, bang the tears flowed.  She had never really understood why people cry, but she knew now, there was no reason why, as you could just not stop it.

Wiping her tears and composing herself she looked around her garden slowly, marvelling at the new plants, the blaze of colours from the shrubs, the climbing rose over the archway that she had tried to tame for years but was now wound round and looking beautiful.  She must have sat there for over an hour just looking and taking in every flower, blossom and insect.

Never expecting to see any of this again, her heart was overflowing, she knew deep down the only person that was capable of this experience was her daughter, she really should get up and go inside and phone her as she would want to know that she was home and safe.  The ambulance had dropped her off and made sure she was home before they had dashed off to another emergency.  Her daughter would be round later so Sheila picked some of the best flowers for her to take home and writing on a scrap of paper she found in her handbag she wrote Thank you, I love you.

There was even a small old rocking chair in the corner under the cherry tree, she really had thought of everything. Sheila sat down and slowly rocked, smiling all the time and very slowly her heart got slower and slower until Sheila was dreaming about looking down at her garden and she never felt any pain again.

I have gone over this so many times taking all the feelings out that I named lol.  Happy Sunday everyone xx




IMG_3403.PNG Tonight is the opening of Cocktails at Googies.
Steve and Josh are your mixologist’s and very good they are too, be prepared to be in heaven as these cocktails are a step above the rest. They are using the finest spirits from Chase distillery and vodkas with some very different flavours.
Classic cocktails with a different twist!





See you there. x

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