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I was looking forward to this weekend and some nice weather but again it has let us down and it really is quiet cold. I am going to sound really old but it is really getting to my arthritis and every winter it seems to go to another joint, I really, really need some heat on these old bones. So, instead of doing anything in the garden I have read a book and sorted a bit of paperwork. I have been a bit lazy really but sometimes you just need to turn off. I did go through about four lists and condensed them down into one list, I felt good as I did cross some things off, honestly.

I really do not know what is wrong with the cat today as she is constantly sitting on me and not liking it if I move, perhaps she is feeling the cold too.

Seeing that picture of the old typewriter made me realise how much easier we have it now as correcting mistakes is very easy on a computer and some publishers you can just email your work to them so you do not even have to print it out. Then I started to wonder how many authors print out their work as they go and read, correct or alter it before they then change it on screen. I tend to write and write while it is all fresh in my head and then go back and make corrections, then read it through and change bits or add more. I think I will hunt out some stories I wrote about fifteen years ago and see what I think when I read them now, will I still like like them?

I am off to watch The Voice now on the sofa with chocolate, have a good evening xx


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I have to have a list but sometimes it goes a bit far and I end up with so many lists I do not know if I am coming or going and then the lists turn into a book of lists. I know, it’s a bit over the top but I seem to forget just about everything these days but I am sure it is not due to age it is because I have so much going on in my head. That’s what I keep telling myself and my daughters write lists too, so if we are ever stumped for a present there is always a list book. My granddaughter made me laugh as she said she had written her birthday list but had too much on it so she started her Christmas list! Sometimes it is not just things to buy but stuff to do like today I should of had a chauffeur hat on as I was going from schools to dentist to shops to doctors and chemist, one daughter not very well so had baby and other daughter wanted shopping and grandson had dentist. Yes, yes, I know, I am a good Mum and Nanny. I just hope I do not get their bug or I will be telling them not to share the bugs. Anyway, today I could of done with a list as I had it all going round in my head where I was supposed to be next and at what time. I am very organised and got the presents for the birthdays on Sunday and Tuesday so they will be wrapped and ready tomorrow. The sun is supposed to be shining all weekend so I will be in the garden as have to plant my tomatoes and do a bit of weeding. I will put up my pink solar lights and have a nice cold glass of rosè Monday evening as that is supposed to be the hottest day. I intend to write a good few pages of the novel over the weekend too, the to-do list is getting longer as there is always hoovering, dusting and washing on it, I really do not like housework so that is another good reason for living alone as you do not make any mess and put things away so it is always tidy. I do not read that list very often lol have a fun weekend everyone xx

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This is the book I am reading at the moment and enjoying it very much, I just wish I had more time to read it as I am very much a person that once starts a book will read at every opportunity until it is finished. Sometimes in life you cannot do that and it stresses me out, I do not want other issues and life forcing there way In-between myself and my book. I have so many books at the moment that I want to read, every time I look at my emails or the blogs I read there is another one, stop writing such good books everyone, I cannot keep up! Then the blogs seem to be getting better and so different, all these different views on subjects and things, I want to read them all. I bought my writing magazine yesterday and want to devour the pages and soak in the knowledge that is there for me to learn. Ideas for stories, articles, blogs, websites, novels all going round and round in my head, I just want to write and write, to get it all down. I feel like I want to explode, then I get stressed with myself and get upset, why do I feel like everything is so hard? I go and see some of the grandchildren, that takes my mind of it all and then I relax, come home and sleep. Somedays the sleep does not come easy, the dreams feel like I am just thinking about something with my eyes closed, should I write these down? When will I find the time for that? Why do I feel that there is just not enough time for anything I want to do?

I read a blog this morning where the person did not like the month of May because of what it reminds her of in her past, I then started to think about the months of the year and what they remind me of. Mostly it is family birthdays or events that are all happy times that happen every year. Do we remember the bad stuff? Yes, of course we do but I think it falls deeper in our minds as the years go on, I will always remember the months when my grand parents died, the months I got married and divorced but they come back to you when you think, they are not there at the front. The new bad things are still there at the front until we let them go or accept them or just stop thinking about them. I do not know how we do that as one day you wake and realise it is not your awakening thought or last before you sleep. To control your mind would be a wonderful thing, I think lol

As I looked through the writing magazine I realised that nothing seems to happen in Kent regarding writing circles, book signings, literature festivals, writing groups, writing get-aways, why is this? We do have a mermaid festival though!

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I will end these thoughts with a picture I saw this morning xx

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Today was creative writing day so the ten minute play was finished and we watched some of them acted out, what good actors they were, it was very interesting how it all came to life with scene setting and direction on facial expressions and voices. I found it interesting just how much it is linked to creative writing and could see the benefits of what I have learnt by doing it. Some of the class did not like doing it and found it a lot harder than writing stories, I guess that comes from us all being different. Today made me think about using different adverbs when describing things as we do tend to stick to the same ones without even thinking about it.

The next few days I am going to spend writing down all my ideas as I feel a bit overloaded and need to get some stories finished so I can start afresh. I find it surprising that even though I am writing something I still get ideas flying around about a completely different story. I guess my brain is just programmed to ideas, settings and conclusions. Not that I am complaining, I just wish there were more hours in the day to get it all down on paper or on the laptop.

We have a long weekend here in the UK as Monday is May Day and the sun is said to be shining from today onwards, so I am going to have to fit in some gardening at some point. Next week is going to be busy as I have two grandchildren’s birthdays, I love the excitement that shows on their faces when they are young, the ripping off of wrapping paper and smiles so big you lose yourself in them.

What have you got planned for the weekend?

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You know when you wake up in the morning and you feel like you just went to bed, exhausted to your core. In fact so tired that you feel sick but if you try to sleep you just cannot drift off. That is how I am feeling, it is an effort to move any part of me.

Hopefully I will feel a bit better in the morning as I have the Creative Writing Class. Have a good day all of you xx


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You all know how much my family and especially my six grandchildren mean to me, they fill my life with such happiness and love constantly. My two daughters lead such busy lives what with the normal family routines and schedules, they both also help out at the school and go to collage to do their Teaching Support Course.

My eldest daughter has four children ranging from fifteen to five and they are all at school and doing well. She also helps out at the local youth club and does cooking with the children on a Friday evening.

My other daughter has worked a lot as her eldest child is eleven and spends a lot of her time at the horse stables and riding. Last year she had another child and she was a year old last month, so a pretty big gap but they have all adapted and are so happy. This is where the congratulations comes in as we have just found out there is to be another addition to the family in November! Seven grandchildren, more love and happiness spreading through our family. I cannot wait, babies are so adorable and cute.


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This week I have looked at an awful lot of sofas but I can honestly say that I think I have decided on the one! Well I think I have, lol it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. My daughter started the sofa shopping and she has bought a lovely one which will suit their family for a good few years. There are six of them so they had to have a big sofa, it is very comfortable though and I think she has made an excellent choice.

20130428-090150 PM.jpg

It is so hard making big decisions like large household items and cars as you have to like them for years, you cannot change your mind after a year and think you would like a different one or want to change your colour scheme. I am liking the position I am in though as it is only my choice, I do not have to take someone else’s views into account. That is why I am very lucky and getting a pink sofa, yes a pink sofa it is going to be lovely I cannot wait to get it but am going to have to wait about six weeks.

20130428-094428 PM.jpg

I am getting this sofa but as a sofa bed as it’s always good to have a spare bed and it does feel like a normal sofa so comfortable and a lovely big swivel chair and foot stool in this lovely colour.

20130428-094705 PM.jpg

My granddaughter came to the sofa shop with me and helped a great deal in deciding which size and what bits to buy, there really is so much choice these day’s in furniture as you have the Internet now but to actually go to a shop and try them out the choice is very small.

This week my jobs are doing more gardening and planting the vegetables and writing a few more chapters of my novel. I must remember to finish of my ten minute play for Wednesday too.
Have a good week everyone x


I would like to make this post about one of my good friends Jackie, we have known one another for a number of years as we used to work together in an infants school when our children were small. We have always got on well and managed to have a laugh over a number of things during this time. We meet up now about once a month with some other friends for lunch and a few wines and lots of laughs.

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As you all know I am a grandmother to six children ranging from fifteen to one and they just make my life complete. There are no words to describe the deep joy that grandchildren bring you when they enter your life. Tears of happiness when they are born, I was lucky enough to be with my two daughters when they each had their first baby and that is just so amazing, seeing your daughter give birth to a daughter. You may forget the feelings when you have a child if your under the influence of gas and air but you never forget the moment you see your grandchild. Over the years as they grow there are numerous occasions that bring you tears of joy and happiness.

Today I would like to welcome Jackie to the grandparents club, she is now the proud Nanny to Annelise who arrived this morning weighing in at 7lb 4oz. What a little stunner! Congratulations Jackie. xx

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When is an age gap in a relationship ok or is it never ok? Are we getting more acceptable to age gaps in relationships now as they are becoming more common? People seemed to be more acceptable to a man going out with a younger woman and this has been going on in society for a number of years. If the woman is a lot younger and the man past retirement age though then a lot of eyebrows are raised and the woman is then called a gold digger, as she could never be interested romantically in a man old enough to be her grandfather, or could she? We will never know the answer to that unless you are one of the couple. Older men going out a younger woman are not called anything or referred to as anything, well maybe lucky by their friends.

When did cougars appear? Do you have to be over a certain age to be a cougar as if you have a younger man he is then called a toy boy, how old can a toy boy be? Is there a set age for any of this or does it just depend how old or young you look. If your over 40 your a cougar with a younger man. If your under 40 with a younger man the he is a toy boy, can you be a cougar with a toy boy?

Older men or women going out with another person under the age of 20 are called cradle snatchers. Does the younger person know what they want at that age or are they just trying it out? Would a marriage work with an age difference and one being so young with no life experiences?

It seems that what ever the age difference is between people we all have something to say about it even if we agree with it. I have known relationships with age differences and some have worked and some have not but you could say the same thing about any relationship, there is no guarantee that any will work, how ever much you are in love at the time.

My husband was the only person I went out with that was older than me, other boy friends have all been younger! I know which I prefer lol

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I would like to say congratulations and very well done to a friend of mine Jo Birch-Phaure who completed the London Marathon last weekend. Jo has trained for twelve weeks to compete in this marathon, beating her previous times and running at a steady pace she did extremely well. Jo works for UK Youth as Senior Communications & New Business Officer and entered the Marathon to raise money and the profile of the company, they do some marvellous work that a lot of people do not even know about. There are a couple of links at the end of this post if you wish to know more about them.

Jo almost missed the start of the race so had to do a bit of a morning jog to get there on time, this did not surprise me when I heard that as her Mum is a very good friend of mine and I mean this in the nicest possible way, she is as silly as me sometimes and if we are both together all sorts can happen.

Here are a couple of links to UK Youth if you wish to know more or support them.



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