So, you’re thinking of joining a dating site, first of all have a good look around at all the different ones and pick the right one for you and be honest with yourself otherwise it won’t work, not that you have any guarantee that you will find your dream guy but you can have some fun looking for one. This site the senior dating site is the place for the mature or older person so if you are looking for that special someone who is the same age as yourself then it is the place to go over 50s dating.

The form is relatively simple asking the general sort of questions to enrol, you can upload a photo and I always think it is best to do a full body shot as then they can see exactly what you are like and hope that they do the same.

There are some general questions to answer like what is your favourite thing to do? The one I could not answer was, what is your most embarrassing thing you have done, I think you would only fill this in if it was funny. I think it is best to be as honest as possible as the more precise you are then the better they can filter your requirement’s through to eligible people.

When you start searching for your ideal man, go onto the filters and put in what you would like, that is no guarantee that you will find it but it all helps. Also think about how far would you travel for a date, I wouldn’t want to go far so keep everything local especially for the first couple dates. They can travel to you but if it does work out how far would you travel for a relationship. Keep this in mind when you are doing a search, filter all the things like height, weight, smoker etc as these are all very important.

Next is the notifications, I did not want to get an email every time someone looked at my profile so I changed all these and just had the main ones, like a meet or wink.

My profile is up and complete so now we wait, I have sent a wink to two people, one as he lives in the same town and is a writer and another as he looked ok in his picture. Read through their profiles to see what matches your tastes and things to do. I am very picky as I don’t really like the first meeting, so I want to make sure he is ticking all the right boxes. It’s so nerve-racking and you never really know what the person is like until you have had a conversation with them so if you like them and they sound compatible then you are over the first hurdle.

Looking through the eligible men there are an awful lot over 50 so the choice is vast so make sure you put in a lot of filters such as beard or not, children or not, as this will thin your choice down to exactly what you require. It’s a bit like going shopping!

Good luck


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