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The clocks go back so the evenings are getting dark so early and it makes it very easy to just stay in by the fire, watching a movie eating chocolate and maybe even feel a bit sorry for yourself. But you should make the effort to go to some of the events that you have been invited to. It is the start of the party season with Halloween parties, Bonfire nights,  Thanks Giving, Christmas and then the big one, New Years Eve. How many events have you been invited to this year? I bet you do not want to go on your own again, the people in the office will be looking to see if anyone comes with you, all of them giving you the sympathetic look when they see you sitting alone at your table.

Ring any bells?  Well this year you could be the bell of the ball as you walk in with a date on your arm, he will be attentive all night making sure your glass is topped up and the witty conversation will be flowing between the two of you.  Yes, senior dating can be this good, you just have to get online and start looking.

All you need to do is get the dating sites in staffordshire filled in and start looking for your date. I think the main thing to remember is that the person you meet for a coffee will probably be as nervous as you. But you are in a local coffee-house which has a few people in, maybe you could have your friend sit at another table just so you feel ok and not so nervous. Arrive about five minutes early so you can get yourself a coffee, remove your coat and look as cool as a cucumber. If you get a bit tongue-tied then think of things you can talk about, like the weather, no lol maybe something a little bit more interesting like noticing how many customers bring their own cup in to be filled up, have they changed to paper straws.

Every so often we have to put ourselves out there and it really is so easy now with laptops, tablets or phones. Take some nice pictures of yourself or get someone to take some of you, a couple of head shots and a full length pose should be enough. Try and fill in the form with some witty comments as if you can make them laugh you are half way there already.

When going through the profiles from staffordshire dating site look for the same interests so you will have some things in common, living in the same county is good as you don’t want to be travelling for a date.

Meeting someone special to spend the rest of your life with can make you feel like a teenager again. Finding love as you get older can bring Spring back into your life all year round, doing things together makes it all so pleasurable. Your never to old to fall in love so get out there and give it a go.



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