There has been an awful lot in the news about MINDFULNESS the past couple of years so thought I would touch on it again but in a very simple way so that we can incorporate mindfulness into our lives without any work.
First of all it is about one task being completed with thought, so many tasks are completed while doing something else or thinking about the next few things on your to-do list.  We have to think about ourselves instead of what we have to achieve as you will find that you still do achieve but in a way that is good for your mind and body.
Lets start with getting up, having a wash, think about the soap how it feels, smells, how your skin feels, is the towel soft, then are you dry.  Because you are thinking about what you are doing you probably felt better about your skin, felt refreshed.  Brushing your teeth, if you do not have an electric toothbrush then invest in one immediately as not only do dentists and hygienist recommend them they are much better for your teeth and gums.  I find it better if I sit when brushing my teeth, think about where you start, front or back, inside or outside, move the brush down on your gums.  Rinse and feel the water running over every tooth, finally feeling with your tongue how good they feel and how refreshed you are feeling about to start the day.
Making dinner, cutting up vegetables, listening to the crisp cut as you slice through them all these jobs that you do everyday of your life, just take the time to think, feel, listen, taste, smell, use all your senses.  Do you find that it is now an enjoyable chore and that you cannot wait to taste what you have made with your own hands and not some quickly thrown together things in a saucepan while doing the washing and writing another to-do list?
It is not good to multi task as we think it’s a necessity in the lives we live but at the end of the day most jobs do get done but doing it a mindfulness way makes it all easier to live with and makes you appreciate what you have, what you’re doing and eventually with practise you will develop it through everything in your day.
I am not saying don’t write to-do lists just think about what you are doing as if it is enjoyable you will find it gets done quicker and you are still feeling good about yourself and everything.
The one thing I have found to really make a difference in my life is that I know my body and what I am capable of, so when someone says “go for a walk, you will feel better”  I just think to myself, you have no idea how I will feel.  No stress about should I do it, as I know I am right as it’s my body.
Hope this has made you think about mindfulness, please let me know what you think and how you feel after trying some of these ideas.


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