I received this book from netgalley for an honest review. The title got my attention straight away as I would love to go to Rome. The descriptions of the food and places was really good, you could almost taste the pizzas!
Moving to a strange country and starting work in a restaurant where all the family lived upstairs was so brave but Mary knew she had to do it and it worked out really well. Mary discovered lots of things about herself while being taken into the hearts of the Rossi family. They all discover that accepting the past helps you to move on with them all doing that in their own way. Mary becomes a bit of an agony aunt while trying to solve some problems but she does this by just being herself. She is a lovely person inside and outside and that is why they all fall in love with her, can Mary have more though? She thinks she craves to be wanted but discovers everyone has needs it’s how you go about it that makes the difference.
This is a lovely summer holiday read that will keep you happy and dreaming on the beach, you may get hungry though with all the descriptions about the food.


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