Twists galore in this story that make it absolutely brilliant, I read this in a couple of days I couldn’t stop just wanted to know what was going to happen next. A few red herrings along the way and so many twists and turns you really are not sure what happened.

Characters that are strong, secretive and all appear to have their own agenda that it makes you go round in circles trying to work out who are the good guys and who is the killer or was it an accident.

DI Fawley has his work cut out here trying to piece together how the children got to be on their own in the house when it burnt to the ground, where was the mother and the father who was supposed to be at a conference is not answering his phone and cannot be found.

The set up of this story is different as you have police logs, social media and all the parts that the police find to link all together to try to solve the crime. Why would you want to murder two children? Bone chilling reading that makes you almost feel the heat in this story, another best seller for Cara Hunter.

When will the next best seller be available?


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