Arriving in Wales late afternoon we drove to a small village where we had booked to stay in a pub carpark. The pub shut at six pm on a Sunday evening also closed on Monday, it was dark as we’re driving to this place and was down in a valley. After parking up we realised that there was NO signal for phones or GPS also no wi-fi.

We all found it amazing at how much we relied upon that now in our lives. We couldn’t speak to family to let them know we had got here ok, no looking up for the next day about the waterfalls they wanted to go to, no google for directions and parking. No reading the news, that was Jodie missing that before she went to sleep, I’m surprised it doesn’t keep her awake all the bad news. Alfie couldn’t watch uTube before he went to sleep. I was too tired and just slept, Jodie was worried that she couldn’t speak to Darren so she ended up going to a phone box and reversing the charges so she could let him know we were all ok. Red phone boxes do not take coins anymore so you have to have a BT card, nowhere to get them at night so the reverse charges cost about seven pound just to tell them the phone box number so he could ring her back. What a price just for about 3 minutes! I guess she was lucky to even find a phone box though as many of them have all gone now. I could not write any blog posts so I did that the next day while they went for the huge walk round all the waterfalls.

This experience really makes you realise how much the internet plays such a huge part of our lives.


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