Every so often I see a story in a magazine or paper and I sit back and think REALLY!

Are parents treating their children as best friends so not reprimanding them for the wrongs they do?

A parent is an adult with a child that you raise to the best of your ability so what ever methods you use are your own choice. But you have to teach them right and wrong and I feel that if you really are at the best friend stage then will this reprimand be taken seriously?

I am not suggesting that you don’t be best friends but that you do it with caution as at the end of the day you are the adult parent and what you say goes. Like many things in life you have to reach a happy medium where you are both happy but also know right from wrong.

There is no easy way of being a parent, with no instructions but if you have been bought up the right way then surely that way is passed on. What I have seen is that as parents we strive to be better than our own parents and let’s face it that’s easy at times but what we must not do is go too far the other way as that then creates another set of problems.

I was not set a good example from my mother but luckily I lived with my grandparents and they made me the person I am which I am so grateful for as without them in my life I dread to think how I would have turned out. What I struggle to understand is with such a good example of parents and grandparents how did my mother not pick up any of their wonderful ways and guidance? The grandparents bit I can understand partly as she married a person later in life that really did not like children and she was so weak and thrilled to have a husband she just went along with everything. The end result being she does not see any of her grandchildren (she has 3) or any of her 10 great-grandchildren, some she does not even know exist! The worse bit is that she only lives an hour away and has missed out on any family life. Please do not think it has affected us as we are a strong lot and have not missed her at her.

So however you parent I think the main thing is to love them, guide them and teach them right and wrong, we can only do our best and that is good enough.

Happy parenting




  1. kaskent
    13th January 2019 / 6:06 pm

    Thank you for reading Pat xx

  2. patriciayoung7928
    13th January 2019 / 2:41 pm

    Very poignant Karen, I am not a parent myself but I fully agree with your way of saying about being the adult parent and setting that boundary without that stark distance too. My late parents were the same and when reaching adulthood, I could converse with my mum on equal measures but that only happened when I reached 21. Sorry to hear about your mother but as you just said, you have a lovely relationship with your grandchildren. Thank you for sharing 💖

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