I am really liking this Blushed Nudes set, a very good mixture so it does for during the day and the evening.

The Ted Baker nail varnish goes on so smooth, the brush is just the right size then I have a bit of sparkle for the odd finger or evening wear.
Loving that this is so compact with a choice of colours so again can be used for day or evening wear.
I guess I am going to have to mention the dreaded diet, I really think there is nothing worse than eating very little and it’s always not very tasty.  I am determined to stick to it and think if I do it properly then it should only take six months and then be beach ready for the summer, well that is the dream lol.
I did buy some cheap scales as I have bought two that were all digital and worked out your BMI but I could not get them to work, my daughter tried as well so it wasn’t just me. I have gone back to simple ones that do not tell you lies.
I am using this gadget everyday so it all helps, I can’t do exercise as my heart goes even quicker and I end up feeling like this is the end, very scary.
Still taking my pic of the day, not very interesting over the weekend as was exhausted and spent it in bed, it is nice looking out to the garden, although that needs a bit of attention as I never did get round to putting winter pansies in my pots so it all looks a bit bleak.  I am finding it hard to purchase things like that as I don’t have a car anymore.
I have been putting my pics in the new frame I got for christmas, think I have decided the choice now.
Coffee time now with my friend Angela, best get that kettle on, I still haven’t worked out how the new machine works!
Have a great week everyone.


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