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My granddaughter the Cooking Queen has decided to do a blog like me so I have spent all evening showing her how to do it, once she got the general idea she was away. Lol I do hope she reads it properly before she post’s as teenagers today seem to just want to get everything done as quick as possible. I tried one of her chocolates and orange cakes today, it was delicious. I like the way she changes recipes and is not afraid to try new things. I wish her good luck xx

What a difference a day makes, children were down the beach yesterday in the water, today it’s jeans and jumpers! How bizarre is the weather this year, I have never known anything like it. My strawberry plants are just getting flowers on them, I would say that everything is a good 6-8 weeks late this year. Or maybe it will just be luck what grows and produces anything. I have found that the gardening has come second place to the writing this year, so I am afraid the amount I grow will be less next year and the garden more maintenance free, there will be more writing completed, sitting in the garden, in the sun, we can hope.

I am on Nanny duty this week and having them to stay one at a time so they get quality time with me! I will try my best to keep up with the blogging xx


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