In all the places I have lived over the years and in different countries I can honestly say I have always had nice neighbours, until now.  When I first moved here which is over four years ago I had a little old lady, she was about 75 I guess, I never heard her at all so all was good.  Then she met a man at the bus stop, they got talking and she invited him in for a cup of tea and they tell the young ones to be careful about Internet dating, never giving your address out.  She referred to him as her toy boy, good on her I thought as he was about 45, apparently he had a brain injury some years ago.  
As she was getting older  her health was getting worse and then she could hardly hear or see, which was such a shame.  He was then called her carer but they shared the one bedroom.  Then the trouble started with him shouting at her, so loud that I could hear all what he said, I have been keeping a record of all this.  He also developed a walk which sounded like an elephant, just for my purpose I thought, it was the constant swearing at her that I objected to though.  I did tell him that he should not be her carer if he could not keep his temper under control, he replied that he loved her!  I did say then that I doubted that someone in love would treat a person like he was.  He always denies it so I told him word for word what he said and he told me that it was bad language, good job I had nothing in my hand at the time.  
Two lots of other neighbours have heard him and told him not to do it and it has been reported to social services and the police but as she says it’s ok I just make him mad at times, nothing can be done.  It really makes you realise how vulnerable some old people are and how these awful stories on the news can happen.  She probably puts up with it because she knows if he goes she will have to leave her home that she has lived in over half her life and go in a home, the sad bit is that she would probably be happier once settled and have far better care taken of her.  I have done all that is possible so I will feel no guilt but it is all so wrong.
My cat decided to stay out Friday night, such a tart she is, I knew Saturday morning she would be by the window looking in for me to let her in and feed her, she is always fed first thing in the morning.  I woke early and thought it was strange that I could not see her anywhere but just decided she was probably asleep somewhere.  At ten I called her then at eleven, I was getting a bit worried by then and went all round the garden calling her and went out the front but could not find her anywhere.  Peaches has never done this before so I ended up thinking the worse then at twelve I went and had another look at all the places she lays in the garden, calling her name.  I then looked over the neighbours fence and she jumped up from their side further up the garden, I was obviously extremely pleased to see her but wish that I had looked to see where she came from and to see if their door was open. I had just heard him come home before I went out in the garden.
 Since then Peaches has refused to go outside even if door is left open also using her litter tray again, which she has not done for over a year now.  My thoughts are obviously thinking that the neighbour from hell had something to do with this but with no proof there is nothing I can do.
I can say that if I wasn’t so settled and love my home and garden so much then I would move, I keep thinking it will all end at some point and since another neighbour scared him he has not been shouting and swearing as much.  It does make you wonder why he is still there and what financial implications it all has on this really nice old lady. 
No names or addresses have been used in this article about the alleged happenings. 

She stays in and watches cats on the laptop. ❤️ 



  1. 24th May 2016 / 5:48 am

    Yes, that was a good idea. Poor Peaches. x

  2. 23rd May 2016 / 9:54 pm

    It helped writing it all down and I guess its more evidence. Peaches is staying very close still. Xxx

  3. 23rd May 2016 / 7:20 pm

    Oh Karen, what an awful situation. It must be dreadful living next door to him, and yes that old lady does sound vulnerable. However, you have done all that you can to draw the authorities’ attention to them and they have chosen not to intervene. I hope your cat is ok too, this neighbour sounds a dreadful bully.

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