Ten minute play



Starbucks coffee house, situated in a busy town centre, on a Saturday afternoon.  Crowded with a group of teenagers, couples and families.  Noisy atmosphere and very hard to find seats.  Two work colleagues enter the café.



Man: 40 (Mike) 

Woman: 40 (Alison)

Teenage girl:  (Louise)


Man:  Do you want a cappuccino? 

Woman:  No, I always have a latte, you always forget what I like.  (Exasperated sigh)

Man: (Leans in close, hand on her back) It is very crowded in here, are you sure you don’t want to go somewhere else?

Woman:  We are just having a coffee, I really need a sit down and we have to discuss this proposal for work and where we are going to meet later. (Enquiring voice) I do hope your wife does not change her mind and decide to go with you.

Man:  Ok, I guess it gets it out the way and then we can enjoy ourselves at the company party.(Happy voice) Do not worry, she never goes out.  (He looks at her and grins)

(The assistant gives them their order)

Woman:  There is a seat over there.  (Pointing)

(They both walk over and sit down)

Man:  Before we start on the boring work proposal, (He whispers in her ear) what are you wearing tonight?

Woman:  I thought I would wear that short red dress that you like so much, I have bought some new shoes and (she leans in and whispers in his ear) suspenders.

Man:  mmm that sounds very nice, looking forward to it. (He looks at her and smiles) I do like a nice evening out with a bit of dancing and our company certainly know how to throw a good evening. 

(Teenager turns round in her seat as she had her back to him)

Teenager: (Excited voice) Hi Dad, is that why Mum bought a new dress, it’s your annual work dinner.  We was ages in shops this morning looking for new dress and shoes, she is really looking forward to it. (Teenager whispers to Dad) She even got new underwear, wink wink!

The man’s expression goes from guilt to puzzlement to angry.



Character Synopsis



Man: he is 40 years old, married with a teenage daughter.  He lives in a semi-detached house with front and back garden which he keeps very neat and tidy.  He is bored with his life and feels he missed out when he was younger as he met his wife in collage and has been with her ever since.  He cannot cook and has no wish to learn he likes dancing but his wife does not.  He feels like they have nothing in common but would never leave her as it’s not what you do and he does love his teenage daughter and enjoys taking her to concerts and sporting events. 

He has worked for this company as a manager in the new business department for about 15 years, he worked himself up to this level and likes it a lot as it gives him the freedom to go out and get new business and therefore to travel a lot and see new places which he loves.   He met his assistant when she started for the firm a years ago, he liked her from the start and they got on well, rather too well and for the last year he has been having an affair with her.  This has been easy as he goes away for work quit often and she goes with him. 

He loves coffee and is always going to different coffee houses and trying new tastes.  His favourite food has now become Indian which he eats when away as his wife does not like it.


Woman: she is 45 years old and divorced twice, her first husband she married far too young and it only lasted a couple of years.  Her second husband she loved more than anything and he has been dead for 3 years.  She started work for the company about a year ago, just to get her out of the house.  She enjoys working and gets on well with her co-worker, she likes him a lot as he is fun and during one of their trips away thy started to feel different about one another and started the affair.  She does not love him but he makes her feel better about herself and they laugh, which is what she needs as she is so sad inside and misses her husband so much.  She likes the fact that her co-worker is happily married so does not feel guilty as she doe sot want to take him away from his wife, she is just giving him what his wife cannot, a good time dancing and fun.

She likes all spicy food as she lived abroad for a few years and loves a cold beer.


Teenager: loves going out with her dad, has a great relationship with him.  Doing well at school and has lots of friend’s.  Does a lot of cooking with her Mum.  Typical teenager loves music and plays it loud in the car with dad, loves going to concerts with her dad.  No boyfriend as does not really like boys yet.



  1. 11th May 2013 / 11:49 pm

    Congratulations! I really enjoyed it, and I could visualise it all taking place, and what the characters looked like. My weekend’s been good so far, just busy! How about you? xx

  2. 11th May 2013 / 11:44 pm

    That was the first play I had ever written. The feedback from the class was all good, so I was happy. Hope your having a good weekend.xx

  3. 11th May 2013 / 11:36 pm

    This is great Karen, it’s the first creative writing of yours I’ve read besides your posts, and I really enjoyed reading it. I can’t wait to read more 🙂

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