Charlie Gallagher’s books just seem to get better and better the more I read, he is fast getting to be my top author of 2018! With many more of his books still to read he could well be in my top list for next year as well.

Missing is a deep complex story about how manipulative people can be and how easily they fall into what is being said to them but with no actual proof. For a detective to think that his ex-wife and child has been taken he will do whatever is asked of him no matter what the consequences.

This will keep you reverted and to be honest I read it in a day as I could not put it down. Twists and turns just keep on coming and at one point I thought maybe a good guy might be a bad guy but that is what makes it so good, it keeps you so hooked in you just keep on reading.

I will be reading Charlies new book over christmas called He is watching you, sounds so good!



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