As some of you know I do prefer a serum to a cream or lotion this is because I find it has more effect on my skin because it soaks into the skin so you can feel the effect. The cream will just disappear in the skin with no feeling that it has even been there and the same with lotions unless I put them on about three times one after the other.

So when I was asked to review this new serum I did jump at the chance especially when I knew it had vitamin C in it. I have heard a lot about this over the last few months so was really pleased I could try it out.

I have been using this around my eyes for about two to three weeks and I can see the difference already as my eyes are not so dark underneath. This is a huge bonus to me as I really notice that and am always trying to cover it up with makeup.

You can use this under your makeup like a primer which does work really well. Even the fine lines are disappearing so I will be using this all the time.

With Mila Simone’s anti-ageing and line removing facial serum, you can quickly restore youthful elasticity bringing back your younger-looking complexion. Beneficial for all skin types & fragrance-free, another excellent point as faces are a very tender area.

Not only does this incredible cocktail have powerful anti-ageing benefits to bring back youthful-looking skin – but it also helps remove acne scars, blemishes and any signs of redness and uneven skin tone leaving you with a clear, natural glow.

This Facial Serum Transforms Your Skin With The Following Ingredients:

– Vitamin C
– Hyaluronic Acid
– Aloe Vera
– Papaya Fruit Extract
– Pomegranate Fruit Extract

Also Made in the UK TO GMP Standards

– Vegan
– Gluten FREE
– Cruelty-FREE
– Alcohol-FREE
– Paraben FREE
– Sulphate FREE

You can buy this from AMAZON here.

Luxurious vitamin C serum for the face which helps remove acne also collagen booster and best for anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle, buy yours now!




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