I think we all can feel a bit down in the winter for a number of reasons but you still have to take care of you. I have been hearing a lot about affirmation and journaling so I decided to look into these.

The first thing I came across was this self-care checklist and I must say I do not do all these each day.

Choose a goal to focus on, well I don’t have a goal each day as it normally takes me a few days to get anything completed, so I found that a bit hit n miss.

Challenge negative thoughts, I am a very negative person as the glass is always half empty. I am also extremely unlucky in life so I think it has made my negativity much worse. Not sure how I would change this unless my luck changed.

I have cut out caffeine and do try to drink more water but find that hard in the winter.

I do practise some mindfulness and find that does help with some thoughts and actions of other people.

I do what I like to do every day, so that’s an easy one.

Active for twenty minutes, having a shower, cooking the food they are all activities. I can’t exercise as such as it makes my condition so much worse.

I do concentrate a lot on my breathing as my heart beats far too fast so I often try to reduce it. I have to have the heart monitor on again in January before I see the consultant in February.

Have you gone through the checklist? What did you think?

I feel this can keep you aware of your self-care so that is always good as if you are feeling low those are the first things to go.

Getting a nice notebook can encourage you to write and as these show below you can design them and write whatever you want to. Nobody is going to read your thoughts so you can be as honest as you can in these. Try to write some positive things into your day.

This one is fantastic for seeing at a glance what birthdays you have that month. I could also use it for all the special days during the year and then plan my blog posts about them. I will be doing this over the holidays.

These self-care points I really like and will try to follow these even if I only do one a day I know it will make me feel so good. Do you like these ones?

I have often thought about keeping a check on what I spend and this is an excellent way of doing that. I think it will be far easier now for me to do as I don’t go out much so can keep an account of what I spend.

Now we come to Journalling, I have only ever written a diary and not even done that the last few years, probably since I started blogging so I guess that has taken over.

I found all these prompts very good and something I could write about if I felt I needed too. I think if you write about your problem or feelings then it does help you but also you can then pinpoint exactly why you are feeling like that.

Our mental health is very fragile at times so you never know when someone is having a bad day so try to be mindful of this when talking to them as somedays we just can’t deal with comments.

Next year I am going to try many things so I can hopefully stay level as this year has been a bit up and day in the way I feel. But it’s good that I am aware of this so hopefully, I can do something about it. Have you any plans for your wellbeing?


What do you think?

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