IMG_3251.JPGWe all have memories from our childhood whether they be good or bad but do you find that say bad memories are associated with a certain person and the same with good memories? We never seem to have an instant recollection of both good and bad from one person we think about. Or is it me? I know I have to think really hard to find a bad memory about my grandad all, I can come up with is one small slap on my leg when I was about 10 for saying shit when the handle of my hairbrush broke and at that moment grandad walked in the room and heard me, I don’t think he even had time to think about what to say or do as the slap was instant and I am not sure who was most shocked as he left the room and then Nan came in to see what was going on. It was the only time I was ever smacked so that is probably why I remember it. I used it as a weapon during my childhood as I obviously realised I could as he felt bad, I think I got a few pens, paper and books out of it.

Bad memories are harder to deal with and this was bought up in creative writing this week as it made us think about characters feelings. I had one person come to mind instantly that I have so many bad memories of and it really is hard to think of anything good about this person. I did not even want to think about her as the memories still hurt but I was amazed at the amount of feelings, words and explanations it made me think about. So I have lots of good material about good and bad feelings to use in my stories.

The above picture is a book I bought at a workshop I went to and I must say it is brilliant and helps you to plot and think about the sequence of events in your story. It is written by Penny Grubb who I met and is a lovely lady and Danuta Reah and I would recommend that you invest in it.

All your life events no matter how small can be dramatised into a story and I find that once you sit and think about it you get stories from everywhere, even sitting in the coffee shop observing and listening to other people. Stories are everywhere, I just wish I could get them all down in a good enough way to be printed.



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