There was a comment on yesterday’s post that I will share with you.  


So, has social media made us become reclusive or is that just an excuse we are using?  Since I started blogging and writing I have met so many people on FaceBook who I now regard as friends even though we have never met you know a lot about their lives and writing.  I have never known a group of people so friendly and helpful as writers but!  Is that because most writers are reclusive and spend a lot of time on their own working? 

I personally think now that social media keeps us in the loop and it is a nice escape from our work in progress during the day and refreshes our thoughts.  You just have to make sure your not spending more time on FaceBook than you are writing.  I think the Internet is a wonderful thing as you can find out or see anything in the world so maybe that was the beginning of our enforced isolation.  We don’t need to go out anymore for anything, we can even Facetime the children and grandchildren.  Our pyjamas can be our clothes, food is delivered and our hairdresser and beautician will all come to us.  

I will still have to go out for the coffee cake and coffee though but I guess when the demand rises it will be delivered!  

  You can’t beat sitting by the sea watching the sunset with a glass of wine, so maybe we will have to go out for some things.  We all need a holiday to escape from our homes and to give us the inspiration and ideas for the stories we write.  Happy weekend everyone x



  1. 19th April 2015 / 4:44 pm

    You’re welcome. It’s a very interesting topic given that it’s so relevant to today’s society/culture

  2. 19th April 2015 / 10:12 am

    I may continue this again from on line dating point of view. Thanks for joining in on this xxx

  3. 19th April 2015 / 2:16 am

    “We all need a holiday to escape from our homes and to give us the inspiration and ideas for the stories we write. ”

    You are quite right about this!
    I get so much inspiration from just traveling on the train or bus. My poem called Stolen Glances was one.

    Ultimately, is all about balance and priorities. I had a lot more time to go out apart from work for fun and entertainment when living a semi-single life (my older kids could be home on their own so I could go out for a little girl time). But now that I’m a single parent again to a 3yr old, and finances and time are limited my go to forms of entertainment are my writing (for therapy), wordpress (for the great feedback and inspiration of other writers), Facebook (to connect with friends and family) and YouTube (for the occasional free movie). Going out for us are trips to the library, park, beach, or other free events in our area. I have very little alone time, since the older kids are now pursuing career opportunities in other states. So it’s just me, the kid, and the dog and a boatload of chores!

    Social media is certainly redefining the world – – the term ‘friendship’, for instance, now refers to people we have never met but we ‘feel’ like we know them because of the ease at which we can share information. ‘Dating’ is another such term as we now see the popularity of online dating. Great for meeting people we wouldn’t otherwise meet, but full of its own side effects.

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