You could not wish for a better setting than this hotel as it is on The Leas looking out over the channel to France, not that we could see France as it was very cloudy.

Lynda and Sylvie could not make it as one was busy packing for Rome, could not understand why that came before lunch! lol. Sylvie had a valid reason as she is a bit poorly, so you get well quickly Mother Earth.

I think this lunch club is very reasonable so must a lot of other people as almost every table was occupied and for £9.75 who can blame them.

The tomato soup had a bit of a kick so I was told and the paté was very nice, I did not have a starter as I am a pudding person.

The salmon in puff pastry was so delicious and one of the best I have had and first time this year for new potatoes. Pork or beef roast very nice, the only thing that let them down was the pasta bake as they thought it was a bit dry, could have done with a bit of sauce in there.

I love the setting here with nice shiny cutlery and the rich burgundy tablecloths. The waiter is lovely and he has worked there for 50 years!


Lemon tart with ice cream was so refreshing and really finished the meal of nicely.

Another very successful lunch for the ladies, lots of news exchanged as Carol had been to Australia to see her daughter and new baby. I told them all about my writing club, blog to follow about that. We celebrated Corinne’s birthday and as they have a pianist there while you are having lunch for a bit of back ground music he then played happy birthday and everybody sang to her. The time goes so quickly at these lunches so it was good-bye and looking forward to next month already.


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