Some of you will be pleased to know I remembered to take photos of everything! I was amazed myself lol.
March already and the third lunch for the ladies, we celebrated Sheila’s birthday and had a few laughs, mostly about Lynda. This time it took her 30 minutes to travel not even 5 minutes then blaming the sat nav and the best bit was she had been there before! No wonder one of her closest friends call her Dinny! lol.
Portofino is a small select restaurant, with the food always very good as is the service. They do a very good lunch time menu which has three choices, garlic bread and a glass of wine for £9.50 which I think you will agree is a great deal. Also the choices were something a bit different which really makes it enjoyable. With bread and butter on the table as soon as you arrive, there is no rush for your orders, again a positive point, I hate to be rushed. You had a choice in the wine and I went for the red which I must say was very nice, which again was a positive as they can be a bit tart when in a meal deal.
Four of us had the tortellini which had a lovely tomato and mushroom sauce, with the others having filled pancakes all came with garlic bread.

I loved the little gadget for the parmesan cheese, was nice to get enough on your plate so you can taste it. Why are many restaurants so tight with it? I can remember when you used to get a small dish of it and you helped yourself.
As we have been doing birthdays for a few years we decided this year to pick something we really wanted or a voucher for somewhere so we can all get what we would like. Sheila had a magnolia tree and a garden center voucher so as long as the tree lives she will always remember us buying it for her.
Dessert was extra as not included in the deal but you must have dessert, yes?  The choice was extremely good so we had, a banoffee dish, tiramisu and lime cheesecake.

Brilliant food and as always the best company with lots of laughs. Looking forward to next month already and we will be meeting at The Grand for Corinnes birthday.

These are the other menu’s so you can see there is a wide choice here.
Thank you very much for an enjoyable lunch.



  1. 8th March 2018 / 12:01 pm

    Didn’t I do well! Lol 😂 xx
    Only one glass of wine 🍷 xxx

  2. 8th March 2018 / 11:47 am

    I’m quite sure you lot would have enlivened the place but I’m glad you had a nice time. Well done on remembering to picture the puds this time.
    xxx Magnificent Hugs xxx

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