Love Your Garden But Hate Getting Your Hands Dirty?

There’s nothing nicer than sitting outside in the garden when the weather is nice. Whether it’s enjoying a sunny breakfast before work, a glass of wine in the evening or catching up with friends over a barbeque at the weekend, the garden becomes a really well used space for most of us over the warmer months. But just because you enjoy a beautiful, manicured garden doesn’t mean that you love the work involved getting it to look that way. Maybe you’re busy and you don’t have the time, or perhaps you have health issues that prevent you from bending down to dig and pull weeds or be as mobile as you need? It might just be a case that you’re not very green fingered and prefer not to get your hands dirty. Either way, it’s still possible to enjoy a beautiful backyard, here’s how you can go about it.

Create a low maintenance garden

A low maintenance garden will stay looking great for longer, requiring minimal (if any) work from you. Choose slow growing shrubs that don’t need to be cut back often. Plant bulbs and seeds in your flower beds that bloom at different times of year, that way you always have colour in the garden but don’t need to do any additional planting once they’re in. You’ll need to pull out the weeds every now and again, but if you choose raised beds these will be easy to maintain if you have back or mobility issues. Instead of having large flower beds and borders in the garden, create one small one. Fill it with colourful plants, and you only have one small area of the garden to weed and tend to them. Opt for paving, pea gravel or artificial lawn from a company like New Lawn Artificial Grass Ltd if maintaining a lawn feels like hard work.

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Use the right tools

The right tools can make light work of otherwise tedious tasks in the garden. For example, robot lawn mowers can accurately cut your lawn and even put themselves back away to charge afterwards. Things like electric hedge trimmer will make cutting back hedges and shrubs far quicker and easier than pruning shears so will take you half the time. Instead of messing around using lots of products, or a stiff brush on moss on your paving slabs, a jet hose will have them clean within minutes.

Hire a gardener

If you really can’t, or dont want to mess around with your garden the why not hire a gardener? Handymen are easy to come by too and don’t charge very much, and can easily do jobs such as cutting lawns, pruning trees and shrubs and painting fences, gates and garden furniture. That way you keep the garden looking nice, but without any additional hassle to you! Decide on how frequently you’d like them to come over and agree a price and the work that should be done.

Do you love your garden, but hate the maintenance involved?



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