New Years Eve is fast approaching, if you have not had time to get your dress sorted do not panic as after Christmas you can pick one up in the sales, you have your make-up sorted and shoes and you got that super silver sparkling bag for christmas from great-aunt Peg.

The only slight worry is that you and your mate do not have a date for New Years Eve and all the others in your crowd do but do not despair I have the answer and you can find it here at northhamptonshire dating.

Over a bottle of wine on the sofa with the best play list from 2018 you can both click into northamptonshire dating and let your search begin, do an intense search with exactly what you are looking for and be amazed at the results.

Upload the great pictures you both took Christmas eve at the pub and fill your profiles in from a funny, let’s have fun type of girls who you both are. You could include some of the best photo shopped pics from Instagram so he can see what fun, happy girls you both are. Always stay safe girls and do not give out your personal details until you have met and you think he is the man of your dreams.

Imagine how great that would be for you both on New Years Eve to not be the odd single girls but girls with the sexiest man on their arms! I think I best get on these dating sites and find myself a guy.

I know, before you say anything all you males that are reading this, yes there really are lots of hot girls on this site so get your best gear on, have a shave and start taking some pics and then get yourself on there with a good profile, please no sex before dating as really us girls are not going to be falling over ourselves to date you. Keep it clean guys and funny we all like a guy that can make us laugh and they do say laughing keeps you young and happy.

Not a lot of time left so arrange a meet just for a coffee or drink so you can at least see each other and have a chat and then arrange to meet New Years Eve in the pub before you go off to meet all the crowd, if you need tickets then if he does not offer to buy yours then just go dutch, you don’t want to go spoiling him on the first date, same goes for the drinks, keep your cash close and share the rounds. Have a super evening and get home safe and look forward to more great dates from northhamptonshire dating.

All that leaves me to say is, can I buy a hat?

Happy Dating and Happy New Year everyone





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