I saw this on Facebook and it really made me think that the stigma of a lady walking in a pub on her own is still very much happening in the UK. The only thing that is helping with this are the many cafe/bars that are open now so if you are single and fancy a drink you can go to one of those.

We have a few in Folkestone including The Hideaway, Bella Vita, Marleys, Rocco’s, The Chambers to name a few and I think this is happening in many towns. The traditional local pub is not so popular with many closing over the last ten years.

I think if the place was known as a solo bar then you would chat to people close to you to make new friends, not sure if the idea will take off here but I am sure it would be popular at first. Especially with the middle age group that are starting out again as single as for some that is very hard to do and you tend to find your friends have halved in numbers from when you were a couple.

How do you find living alone?

For most, I think they find the thought of it very hard and not something they would like so they tend to go from relationship to relationship to avoid that issue. I often think if they were to just try it for a year I am sure they would enjoy it and once you get used to your own company, you also like yourself more and do more for yourself.

I have lived alone for over ten years now and still love it, I have built up friends also places I go and in the last year, I have tried other well being practises. I have my writing group which has proved far more popular than the dreams I had in the beginning, my blog, then in the summer, I have the sun, sea and garden. A lot of the teenage grandchildren are at work or college now so I don’t get to see them as much but it is so good having my three children around me it gives you a safe, loved feeling as you get older.

Are you alone and happy?


What do you think?

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