I feel that this is talked about a great deal now but after reading this book, actually, I am 80% through it this has made me realise that if mental health does not come into your orbit then you actually do not know anything about it. I was shocked!

Amanda Prowse is an excellent author who I have read and reviewed many of her books. They are very down to earth, about things and events that could happen to any of us. So to then read this and realise that actually some people have no idea about mental health and the huge range that it covers. This is a true story of events they went through when her son Josh started suffering from depression but they did not realise what it was and how devastating the condition could be. The emotions in this book are shocking because they are all real! Please reach out, don’t suffer in silence.

The numbers of students that suffer from some sort of mental health are really staggering but I have come to realise that they may not know what is wrong with them. It could just be that they are in a new place, with no friends or family, the first time they have lived away from home or even just scared of the work and what it all entails. How do we reach them? So many people do not ask for help for several reasons, so if you don’t know what’s wrong how can anyone help you? Can you look at your friend and see they are suffering? Not all the time as people hide it well or just do not want to admit to anything.

Please do not suffer in silence.

No matter what age you are, if you don’t feel right then please talk to someone as it is far easier to get a hold off at the beginning. Check up on your friends old and young, they might live alone or with a large family, there are no criteria that it can’t reach.

I have been taking anti-depressants for 12 years now, yes I feel 90% better than I did so maybe I could wean myself off them but I know I won’t as I am terrified of feeling like that again. During this pandemic many people are suffering the effects of no work, less work, loneliness, money problems and many other things but the worse thing that is happening in a lot of areas are that you can only talk to your GP over the phone. Please make that step, even if it is just to say I’m feeling really anxious about things.

Mental Health is in some ways a silent killer that is spreading rapidly, let’s do all we can to slow it down, you can be old, young, male or female it can get anyone at any time in their life. Be aware for yourself, your friends and your family. The suicide rate is going up, let’s get a grip on this and stop it before it happens to someone you know, be kind everyone.


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