We had the full group again of all nine of us this week and didn’t we have fun, I think it’s what we all needed. It’s hard to imagine that the next lunch will be our Christmas one and then it’s another year over once again.

The Hungry Horse has been renovated so it’s all looking lovely apart from they got rid of our lovely round table, they are so much nicer as we can all talk to one another. Maybe they could put these two tables together to form a square that may be better than long ways.

The food was delicious as usual, it was curry Wednesday so you get curry of your choice, rice, poppadom, mango chutney and a drink, I had a nice gin and tonic all for £5.50

Sheila was very pleased with her vegan one and it was good to see that there is a choice on the menu for her.

Sharon was being very healthy and putting us all to shame by having a salad, I never think a salad tastes the same in the winter, bit like having stew and dumplings in the summer, it’s just not right.

We did the names for the secret santa, maybe we will all get it right this year! Desserts were ordered and that is the only thing I could criticise is that they all came out separately over about 30 minutes so no one was eating together. They said that the delivery had come that morning and no red sauce for the trifle sundae and no preparation had been completed so our waiter Kyran had to do it all. Maybe a bit more organisation required from the manager as the pub was very busy that day.

So that was lunch over, lots of talking and laughing with all of us enjoying ourselves.


Until the next time


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