This was one of the most interesting talks I have been to over the years and yes it was probably because I have an interest in the subject. I witnessed first hand after a brain injury a person who was no longer herself but a different person, how do you make yourself adjust to this new person as you remember and want the other person back. It’s all you have ever known and you loved that person so much, well I can tell you it is the hardest thing you will ever have to do especially if it is family. I cried for the person I had lost, I was angry that she was not here, I didn’t like the different ways she had about her, she thought different, her manner and thoughts in fact I was told to grieve for the person I had lost and to accept your new daughter! I can assure you it is not easy and as much as the person is going through I think sometimes the medical profession forget about the person that loved them how they were. They are just treating the person they have no ide who or what she was before all they want to do is get her well enough to discharge her and go home for the loved one to carry on the rehabilitation.

I talked to Jules after the event, she is such a nice person and I wished immediately that we had had someone like her. My daughter suffers agonising headaches all the time now so I told Jules what they were doing and the medication and she said that that was what she would do and there wasn’t really anything else to do.  Did that make me feel upset knowing that my girl was always going to be in pain, no. I trusted Jules so was pleased that our doctors were doing all they could, as you never really know until you ask someone else.

I am looking forward to reading this and will review it when I have finished which will be in the new year after the ones I have already agreed to do.  You can buy the book here.


Thank you Jules xx


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