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Where do the day’s and week’s go, we are now into April and still freezing I might add. I am only a novice at gardening so I am thinking that we will be growing strawberry’s in August instead of June, not that I would mind so long as it was hot. Will everything just be a couple of month’s late? I am not sure, I know it is too cold for the seed’s outside yet.

Children appear to be getting so many bugs and infections as people cannot give their house a good airing and turn of central heating as it is far too cold. The odd jama day on a Sunday has turned into more days as it is warmer in bed! I must admit it is affecting my arthritis, It has been very painful, so having to take far more painkillers than normal and it just makes you feel so miserable when every time you move it hurt’s.

I bought a new 32g pen drive today ( pink of course ) so I can keep everything backed up myself even though the cloud does it too. I think I will be able to get everything off my old hard drive, boy was I pleased, just got to wait for it to be completed.

Not feeling my best tonight so going to have an early night and will try to improve on post content tomorrow. Night followers x


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