I have always wondered about his and I may be a bit ignorant as I do not know a lot about the fashion world so I will apologise now if I upset anyone in the fashion world. We all see the pictures of models in the magazines some do show what you can buy in the high street, not that they are in the high street any more it’s all big shopping centres. The more expensive magazine you buy the less you see of high street fashion, the models begin to wear rather strange outfits and certainly nothing that you would buy. Do the people that have more money wear more outlandish clothes? I think not as to me they seem to be smarter in their choice and buy from the higher priced market. So, why do the models wear rather strange clothes and not something you would see when out?

Then you have the big fashion weeks, I know off London and New York but sure there are many more. The models wear what will be in fashion for the next season so you can get a rough idea what will be in the shops. But why do the models again wear rather loud, vibrant and sometimes rather strange outfits that you cannot imagine anyone wearing? When they leave the show they appear to be back in their jeans and tops to go home. Who does wear these clothes that the designers think are so wonderful and do get extreme praise for? Is it just for their little community when they have parties?

Who are the designers aiming at when they produce these amazing outfits, yes, some are very nice but where would you go to wear it? Are we all stuck in a rut with what we wear? I have to admit there are occasionally outfits I see that I would love to wear but never go anywhere that you could wear them. I believe we have our own idea of what we like and what we think looks good on us and we just stick to that, if we get brave then we will buy a brighter colour or the skirt will become a bit shorter or longer. Do you have separate clothes that you only wear on holiday as you could never go out in shorts here even if it was the height of summer? Why do we get braver when we go away and begin to think that yes, we can wear that as no one knows us there and we may never go back there?

20131030-094441 am.jpg The designers that aim at the level just above high street seem to have it right as the clothes you get in stores such as House of Fraser are still the currant fashion but appear to be well made and richer materials. I particularly like Wallis that we get in British Home Stores here and they have a good petite selection as I am so short! My wish was always for longer legs but that’s another story.
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  1. 30th October 2013 / 11:54 am

    Thank you, I think for youngsters it’s peer pressure and wanting to have name clothes but they are not as expensive as what they used to be but still a lot of money that people appear to find. X

  2. 30th October 2013 / 11:13 am

    I must be an old fogey because I don’t really know a lot of fashion designer names – I remember on a coach trip some years ago seeing a young lad with Tommy Filfiger on his sweater and I assumed that was his name! I think I have always done my own thing and tried to wear what I think suits me and, like a lot of folk when young, there was never enough money to buy expensive clothes. Maybe that was more applicable to my generation though as the younger people today seem to have a lot more disposable income to spend on clothes – or is it just that there is more available credit obtainable now? An interesting blog Nanny Cool. x

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