I have been thinking about my camper and looking forward to getting away next year also looking at things I need and I absolutely love these mugs, glasses and plate set, I will have to save my penny’s and put them on my birthday list, yes I know its 6 months to wait. It’s good to plan though lol.
What a super pair of shoes for the christmas season, I love them and you can get them from good old Primark.  You can’t beat a bit of fluff!

Asda are doing some great things this year and it’s always best to look on-line as you get some bargains on things that are not in the shop.  I love these pyjamas, I always buy ones with a stretchy bottom as I find it so annoying when they ride up over your knee’s in bed.
Christmas jumpers for all the family are an essential item as not only do some schools have jumper day but when we as a family all go for breakfast with father christmas on xmas eve we all have to wear our jumpers and that sets us all up for christmas.

Asda again have a great selection for all the family.  I really like these ones as I get a bit hot so these are thinner.  They are very me.

Have you got all your presents?  I really don’t like wrapping and every year I say I will take my time and wrap them all nice with bows and ribbons….that lasts for about the first five I wrap.
I did have to treat myself to a christmas mug at £2 that was a bargain and will last for years.  I have no idea what happened to the one I did have but that’s ok as it was a bit green and I don’t like that colour.
When I was small we all used to have new dresses for christmas day but times change and all my lot appear to have new pyjamas on christmas eve and keep them on all the next day, unless they are going out which some of the older ones do in fact Izzy is working during the afternoon and doing the tea’s at the old people’s home.
I like some of these clothes and shoes, I never go out new years eve or at all really so sometimes I miss dressing up but then I remember how comfy pyjamas are, maybe I will get some sparkly pyjamas lol.


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