Waking up today I could not wait to have a look at my blog and the stats, everyday I am amazed and today it was over 100 views. Thank you to all my readers, I am so pleased you are liking what I write about. That was a brilliant start to the day and the sun was shining, Spring could be here. After having a look at the garden I decided to go shopping for seeds and plants, got a little bit distracted and ended up buying a couple of books, not sure when I am going to squeeze in reading them. I was dreaming of sitting in the garden, reading, like I have nothing else to do! It’s amazing how much you get completed after waking up early all happy, note to self, try to be happy every morning.

Talking to my friend the other day about when they go to Greece for a month in September, they were saying that friends could go out and join them. Brilliant idea I thought to myself, I could go and see them for a couple of weeks. I broached the subject to them and did say that I did not want to be a strawberry, they were then both laughing and said yes I could go but did I not mean a gooseberry!

As you all know there is a little bit of a problem with horse meat in some of our foods. I really wanted spaghetti bolognese but did not really want mince, I decided I would try the quorn mince that is vegetarian and I might add low in fat and calories. How nice was that, will be buying it again, think I might make a chilli next time. You see I can cook, when I am in the mood and having a happy day. I even managed to fit in a bit of reading and networking while I was out, so all in all a very good day.

My picture today is of the best ever pizza cutter I have ever seen and I really would like one, if you have a better one I would love to see it. I must admit I do love gadgets, you can never have too many, I say.

Tomorrow is a writing day, hoping to finally complete a short story that has been waiting for a conclusion and enter it into a competition. Right now I am of to eat caramel cheesecake, did I say I was on a diet? Must of been in one of the stories I am writing lol.

20130304-085751 PM.jpg



  1. 4th March 2013 / 10:46 pm

    Oh stop, I fancy cereal now lol x

  2. 4th March 2013 / 10:19 pm

    Quorn is my staple diet. 😀 and your off to finish the cheesecake and I am off to finish the M&S triple choc cereal …..hand in box and eat like sweets ! Lol x

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