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What a nice start to the week, the sun has made an appearance and is set to stay all week, still a bit of a breeze but we will not complain. I have just started making this years plan of the garden so I know what I have planted where, as even though I use ice lolly sticks to write on they do fade and then I do not know whats growing where. I need to get a few more vegetables to plant as it is too late for the seeds this year as the ground is far too wet still. I think a lot of the bulbs have rotted in the wet soil as hardly any have come up this year and I bought a lot more and planted this year. I read about a very good way of getting rid of slugs and thought I would pass it on to you. Get half of an orange, lemon, lime or honeydew melon and scoop out all the inside. Place it upside down round your plants, as slugs like dark, moist places they will collect under the fruit so when you pick up the half of a skin they will be underneath so you can them dispose of them. I can imagine this working as I am always finding them underneath things in the garden. Another tip is to put sand round your plants as they cannot slither over that as it rips their belly’s open. I will be trying these things myself so will let you know if they work. I have got some copper tape that I am putting round all my pots this year too.

Did you see any of the London Marathon on TV or where you lucky enough to be there? I had two friends that ran in it and they both did much better than they expected too. Apparently it was a great atmosphere so I am pleased everybody enjoyed themselves and forgot about the horror in Boston just for a while. There were some lovely stories that came out from some of the participants and some people’s reasons for running were quite heartbreaking. All in all a good day in the sun and money raised for charity.

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