What a brilliant weekend with Mia, her first time away in camper van and she loved it and wanted to know why we couldn’t live in it.
We stayed at Dunn Street working farm out in the country, what a lovely setting with big fields that you can choose where you want to pitch. I had electric hook up this time which was an extra £5 a day so I could charge my laptop as wanted to get some writing done after Mia went home on the Sunday evening.
Lots of animals to see there including chickens so you could buy fresh eggs which tasted super so we had eggs for breakfast a couple of days. There were nice showers, toilets and washing-up area for the campers and even a washing machine! Two big fridges and freezers that you could use also fresh apple juice and a few tins and essentials you could buy.

We counted up how many animals we could find around the farm and Mia took pictures of some of them.

To wake up and see the views over the fields was nice and the fresh air made us sleep really well. We did lots of colouring, sticking and playing, I also did a couple of jobs that needed doing on the van and I got the TV working but we didn’t put it on at all. I was looking forward to doing some reading and writing after Mia went home.

I love my biscuit tin I got from Debenhams in their January sale, the biscuits didn’t last long though.

Mia picked me flowers and really enjoyed herself.

Loving my stickers but was unhappy that I lost a hubcap on the journey to Ashford, I think I will buy 4 new ones now as they were getting a bit tatty. Croissants and jam for a quick breakfast before the writing begins. It appeared to get my brain working looking out over the field so I was pleased with what I got finished. It was so quiet there and even though we had a storm on the Saturday night it didn’t ruin it for us as the days were nice and hot, hitting 29 on the Sunday!
I stayed until Tuesday, spent the morning putting things away, reading and planned to leave about lunchtime when the rain stopped. Things never go to plan though with me and I had a very sad end to my trip away, it was also the first time I had stayed on my own after Mia left as normally I go with Jodie.  The camper turned over really well as it has the new battery but it would not start, what to do? Try not to panic, leave it and try again but no it was not going to start so I had to phone the breakdown company to come out and fix it. They kept phoning with a new arrival time as they were so busy, I tried to read but couldn’t concentrate as was a bit worried about my camper. When he eventually came and checked all the usual things he said it might be a blockage in the fuel pump, he could not repair that so it had to be recovered. I did not know where to send it as my garage that my car used to go to has not got the room for campervans. After some phone calls with most places shut by now they decided that my camper should stay there until the next day and then it could be taken to the garage, it also gave me time to sort out a garage for it to go to. My friend Sylvie came up trumps and arranged for it to go to the garage by her and that is where it is on its way to now as I write this at home, the breakdown people gave me a lift home, very upset about my camper van, still not got a name for her but she needs to not be doing this again.
The farmer’s son went and got his tractor so they could pull it off the field onto the concrete so it made it easier for the pick-up to load my camper, what a lovely man and I did say I would be back as I just loved sitting there writing and forgetting about everything. I cannot wait to go somewhere again so I really hope it can be fixed and not too expensive.

My last view!



  1. 30th May 2018 / 4:02 pm

    Yes I really hope so David x

  2. 30th May 2018 / 3:31 pm

    I’m so sorry to read about the problems and hope it is just a blockage in the fuel pump and you’ll be back on the road in no time again.Ready for the next adventure.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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