I was going to do a post about what we all carry in our handbags but I then realised that it is not that simple as depending which handbag you are using and for what purpose determines what you put in it.  Now I would like to carry everything with me all the time but when you have just got a small across the shoulder bag no way can you fit a bottle of water in there, or even in your small daily bag.  So you then have to carry a bigger bag as if you have your water you will then need your iPad, notebook, camera; I have become a bit lazy with the camera and this is just because of the carrying it around all day also the iPhone takes good pictures.  I have not even started on your diary, spare charger, make-up, tissues, mirror, purse, card holder it just goes on and on.  You then have to think about where you are going so should you make sure the bag can do up so you are safe from pick pockets.  Just remembered you also have to carry a shopping bag or plastic bag in case you get a bit of shopping on the way home as you don’t want to waste money paying for a carrier.  Some women pop a pair of flats in their bag in case they have to walk, as heels and walking don’t really go together.  Umbrella, maybe a jacket the list could go on for ever so I am surprised we aren’t all walking about with a mini suitcase!



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