Very exciting day as we set off for London to see the show, nice drive with not very much traffic which was surprising in London.  Arriving at the car park we then go to get the parking ticket…… Shock, horror they want £15 to park the car and as you do not know this until you are in the centre and parked you really have no choice but to pay it.  I am feeling very relieved that the tickets I got for the show entrance were free or it would have been a very expensive day before even entering the show. 

Having not been to this before you have your own thoughts as to how it is all displayed, we had talked about it on the drive up and we were both looking forward to the garden displays, expecting lots of tiny gardens with different themes and styles.  Also houses again all different so you could get ideas.

But no, the hall was full of small stalls each selling/displaying anything to do with a house or garden, I do not know what the one selling things to put in your shoes for bunions had to do with it!   There were three tiny gardens, each with a small pond. 

   I would of loved to have purchased a small summer house for the garden and a hot tub, there were some amazing designs and the garden furniture was not too expensive.   

   The wine stall was calling us over so we just had to taste this organic wine with no chemicals, the red which they recommend you serve chilled tasted just like strawberrys and cream, even Corinne liked it and she is not a fan of red wine.  The catch: you can only buy this by the case and they only sell it at shows, so if you buy a case and you really like it you have to go to the expense of attending another show somewhere in the UK to get some more!  There is no selling over the phone or on-line.  I thought that was all a bit silly myself and going to the local supermarket for your wine seems a much better idea. 

 We both had a good day as girls do when they go out together and we got a few ornaments from one stall which was great, in fact the best one there so we both have shiny glittery initials to hang on the wall, mine is all pink and sparkly.  I also got my friend a birthday present for next week so not a wasted day.  As we left the car park I then sold the car park ticket for £5 so that pleased us.

I am now on the look out for free tickets to the Ideal Home Show and the Chelsea Flower Show as I am sure they will be really good to blog about. 



  1. 10th May 2015 / 10:24 am

    I have just been to Rochester it only takes about 45 minutes to get there. It’s years since I have been in castle and cathedral but I think it’s great that they are still there. X

  2. 9th May 2015 / 9:42 am

    They have some great ideas at these shows but usually we haven`t got gardens big enough. London is very expensive, even to visit the tourist spots. Even for a walk around Westminster Abbey cost 20 pounds each, but then the tour of Rochester Castle was a rip off also. Well you managed to get some good photos and was able to soak up the atmosphere. I hope you had a safe trip, when I lived in Broadstairs it used to take about 5 hours to do that drive.

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