IMG_3257.JPGAs I walk down through Folkestone high street I always get a buzz when I am at the beginning of the Old high street, you can tell you are there as the shops become smaller, mixed in with art gallery’s, cafés and bars. My favourite coffee bar/wine bar/art cafe is Googies, why? I hear you ask, the first impression is the bright colour and all the table and chairs outside, very often full especially in the summer. As you walk inside you are greeted by the staff behind the counter, who always have a smile and will explain the different coffee, tea and drinks that they provide as they do specialise in many unusual drinks that you just have to try. The manager Steve must be a pleasure to work for as he is always so upbeat and hands on with everything and I mean everything, I saw him helping with the cleaning! Lol. At the moment they are doing some refurbishment by stripping all the old plaster and un covering the old brickwork, which is going to look fantastic.

IMG_3264.PNGThere are many changes ahead for Googies so it’s an exciting time for the team, I can even give you one exclusive that I will be blogging about next month….COCKTAILS! I cannot wait as they are not going to be the same old ones, Googies are going to put their own bit of magic to work. I am looking forward to seeing what they will do with rhubarb vodca! Yes, rhubarb and many other specialist spirits they have sourced all over the world.


IMG_3261.JPG Eating in Googies is another experience you need to have as the food is out of this world and a little bit different. As for the cakes and desserts they make, well, I have to learn to say no as I just don’t know when to stop…The Gypsy tart is my favourite.
With a mixture of tables and chairs and art works it really is a cosy place to be for a mid morning coffee or a pleasant glass of wine in the evenings. Because it is so laid back and friendly I love it as I can pop in anytime on my own and not feel out of place, even in the evening for a glass of wine as I could never go in a pub on my on but that’s another story. Lol

IMG_3259.JPG Thursdays are steak night so that is my next visit and will take pics of the amazing food for you all to drool over.
There will be Christmas news about what Steve has planned for Googies and I will share that with you next month. I’m off for a coffee now!




  1. 21st October 2014 / 1:40 pm

    I will come with you lol xx

  2. 21st October 2014 / 1:14 pm

    I always enjoy your reviews and if I ever get to Britain, I may stop at Googies.

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