We are getting a lot of bad winds here in the UK, I think coming from the hurricane’s in America so I have just got my fingers crossed that they don’t cancel the ferry again or that I get stuck over in Jersey.  Well that would be ok as long as I had somewhere to stay I guess, my travel insurance is all up to-date so all good.
With the weather changing and all the flipping adverts for Christmas it makes you realise that summer really is over.
Still got the sore throat, chest and cough and seem to be sleeping a lot but still tired, I am really hoping that once I get to Jersey and chill that I will feel better.  At least I have no timetable to keep to so I can just take it easy and look about or just read or write.
Stay safe everyone in these winds.



  1. 14th September 2017 / 7:01 pm

    Hope your feeling a bit better Gillian and you have found some sunshine. I have had a nightmare journey which will be in my next post. I still don’t feel to good with chest and throats but am now in Jersey and chilling in bed, yes it’s 7.30 but I don’t care lol xxxx

  2. 12th September 2017 / 5:58 pm

    Hope it all goes ok Karen. Are you going alone? We were going to France via ferry but due to 70mph winds predicted in Channel we have switched to the tunnel. Like you I am still on antibiotics (ABX) but yesterday doc found my bronchitis had developed to a chest infection and I also have a urinary tract infection so on double lot of ABX! I just can’t seem to fight any infection, just hoping the warmth in France will help my aching, fatigued body! Enjoy Jersey, Love Gillian and Dennis xxxx
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