Just over half way through the month already, I am looking forward to Saturday when Jodie and the family come home from their holiday in Australia. I have not missed them as much as I thought I would as been busy writing and looking after all the cats. Will be good to get back to normal next week and that started me thinking about some of the things I have been reading about this month. There appears to be a lot about gratitude and including it in you daily or weekly planner, I think we are all grateful for things but maybe we do not say it very much.

The other thing is GOALS, monthly, weekly yearly or life goals, have you got a list of any of these? To me goals are a bit like new year resolutions they all fade away after a while. Writing them in your planner or diary keeps them fresh and I think monthly goals would be good for my blog but then every week I try to up my numbers on everything. Also to try to write more, I think it has helped since starting the writing group as I do appear to be doing more writing in between reading and reviewing, I seem to be a bit slow on my reading of books this year so I best start doing a bit more as I am still on my first book!

The other thing that is very popular is VISION BOARDS, have you done one or do you propose to do one? I am not really sure how they work, do you just put things, pictures or words that you like on a board? So if I did one for my blog I would put post ideas or pictures I like on it? I think I need help with this one please.


Like this picture, as to me it represents vision from different angles as I think we all see things through our own eyes our own way.

What ever you are creating or visualising enjoy and please share here so we can all get some other ideas.

What blogs do you read and which are your favourite ones?



What do you think?

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