Lovely title, was going to put ladies but thought it sounded a bit old… we are all twenty lol
Sitting on the terrace at Rocksalt seafront in Folkestone was lovely to feel the sun on you with good friends. The restaurant is owned by Mark Sargeant, who used to work at Claridge’s in London. He has created a lovely atmosphere and the cocktails are yummy.

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I had some very exciting news this morning when I checked my emails, I have been awarded a ‘Lovely Blog Award’ how brilliant. To say I was chuffed is an understatement and I have let everybody know all about it. I will answer it properly tomorrow when I have thought about questions, the girls did think of some at lunch but I could not possibly write those, could I?

World Book Day is tomorrow, not been a lot of news about it. One of my granddaughters can draw a picture of her favourite character and write why she likes it. Think Izzy would of preferred to write a story as she loves that. I have been looking for some competitions for her to enter but have not seen any for ten year olds. We are going to the library after school, hopefully something of interest happening there.

We have a shop here called Pound Land, what a lovely assortment of Easter things they have, think there will be a bit of “making & doing” going on over the Easter holidays. As you have guessed by the name everything in there is £1 so a very economical way to spend a few hours with your grandchildren. I draw the line at wearing an Easter Bonnet though!

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